Career Options after Political Science (Hons.)


In the world’s largest democracy India, humanities has a very diverse view which is further divided into different subjects and majority opting for mainly three, being – History, Political Science and Sociology.
With political science holding the utmost importance, with vivid career options available in the field after bachelors and masters.
Political science is a social science which deals with systems of governance, and the analysis of political activities, political thoughts, and political behavior.
The subject has both the dynamic and static aspect, at the graduate level, you get to know the subject in detail and basically be divided into 4 main aspects-

Political Theory
Indian Government and Politics
Political Thought (Both Indian and Western)
International Relations.

And after being graduate in all the above-mentioned trades and practices one opens itself to very dynamic job opportunities available in the modernized and social world.
With mainly holding designations like-

1) Public Affairs Research Analyst-
Public affairs consultancy researchers gather analyses and review relevant political, legislative and public policy information, and also provide their public and private sector clients with advice about what resulting lobbying action is needed. And also tries to keep sustainable development as his or her prime focus.
2) Budget analysts-
Love numbers and infinity. You couldn’t get a better option. Mainly because Budget analysts help organizations allocate their financial resources. They develop, analyze, and execute budgets, as well as estimate future financial needs for private businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.
3) Political scientists-
Political scientists do not do one specific thing; their specialized knowledge is majorly in one or more of the subfields i.e. – comparative politics, international relations, political economy or political philosophy and often persuade members of the government in researching and analyzing legislation or regulatory proposals.
4) International relations-
International Relations (IR) has actually been the talk of the hour from past quite a few hours with the majority of students opting for the field as it gives you the opportunity to work in either a government job or even an international job with organizations like United Nations which mainly requires immense research, dedication, and knowledge.
5) Political Journalist-
Political reporters gather and analyze information about current events in government and politics and broadcast their reports on radio and television stations. They do covert stories that simply provide information about local, state, national, or inter¬national events, or they may present opposing points of view on issues of current political interest.

These were some of the career options for Political Science Honours students. And with other countless opportunities available in the long run with many professional courses add up.
The call always depends upon your interest, Choose wisely.


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