Monday, June 17, 2024

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World Governance Expedition to Singapore | Applications Open

Applications Open World Governance Expedition | Singapore 11th - 16th November Ever wondered how nations deal with governance? What are the mechanisms and processes of policy-making involved? What role...

HT Palate Fest is Back

Fest And More

Upcoming events in Jesus & Mary College and Maitreyi College

From attending morning lectures (just for attendance) even when you are half asleep to chilling with friends during college fests, life in Delhi university...

Life in DU

Upcoming Winter Trends of Delhi University

As the chilly season is coming closer, it has become a common thing for Delhi University’s boys and girls to scroll through Instagram pages...

The Waffle Stories

Major Hangouts in DU!

DU Mantra To Beat The Heat

Career Prospects



Importance of Doing Internships

Ever fancy yourself walking down a swanky office corridor, with your name tag down your front or near your waist, socializing with colleagues at...

Startup Internship Fair at DTU

Internships are a student’s first foray into the real world and are crucial for forming opinions that ultimately manifest themselves into making important career...
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Fest & More


Sports quota Admissions for Delhi University

This time Delhi University has decided to carry centralized sports trials. The sports quota fitness trails began today. The trails started at 9 am today...
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