Breaking The Stereotypes


People think an individual becomes more experienced with age, but the truth is age does not define maturity. The reason why this thought suddenly came into my mind is because today somebody told me that I cannot make correct decisions regarding my life because I am young and ( I emphasize on this word) ‘therefore’ lack experience on the ways of this world.

  This thing struck me like a spear and made me realize that because of this perspective I have not been allowed to make my life’s decisions on my own. My question is why some or the other person has to control our lives, why can’t we be ‘our own masters’, doing what we want to do; doing what we feel like doing without caring what others think about our choices; without worrying about the social stigmas associated with the painful prick named society that is trying to govern us like we are its slaves.

 The so called society has already set some stereotypes that we are unable to break even now when this world has advanced so much, even if we don’t realize it; it has been taking our decisions which we should take. It has formed a certain class for almost everything surrounding us announcing what is wrong and what is right, telling us what to do and what not to do and the worst part is we are following it blindly and dim-wittedly.

The motive of my ramble is that I want to convey just a single message to everybody and that is ‘Live your life on your own terms, set your own rules and follow your own way’. Generally what we do is we start thinking about consequences, we don’t act spontaneously and because of this continuous thinking and thinking going on inside us; after sometime all our wishes get burdened and finally loses its shine.

In one of the movies that I watched some days ago, I heard one dialogue that is spoken by the lead actress and that was ‘A person boggles the most when he/she realizes his/her true potential and discovers his/her hidden powers’. That one moment in our life is enough to change everything but the sad thing is that due to these pathetic rules and regulations imposed on us; even after we realize our true worth and ultimate dream we are not able to follow its path; we are not able to gather enough courage to accomplish it which finally traps us forever.

 So in the end just one sentence for all the dreamers who believe in dreaming ‘Break the stereotypes and set yourself free like wind so that nobody could ever catch you’.


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