What young India Wants ?


India, a country where the dreams take birth whether big or small!

 Dreams are dreams! Some gets fulfilled and some break in the mid path of the journey. Dreams that are seen with a vision or a naked eye are more successful than dreams dreamed while sleeping. When we talk about dreams and vision, both go side by side. Dreams are something which can be destroyed with the conditions and situations that a life puts upon the present. If the dreams are turned into vision, the probability of getting them fulfilled is higher.

It is said that India being a democratic country sees the maximum dreams and the dreams are said to be best for the person seeing it. Generally, youth are called to young boys and girls who are above 14 but below 25 years of age. According to a survey, China has more adults around the age of 45+, and India will overtake the human resource and labour of China by 2050. This proves that it is going to be the time of young brigade in every other part of India.

Youth, though is just a simple word of 5 English alphabets but its scope is very vast than anyone can imagine. So what does a youth want? It is very difficult to know as their demands and expectations changes every day. They love to be surrounded with gadgets and video games. Many a times, they are unaware of their future goal. This scenario is continued till the maturity reaches its peak and the youth starts to take their decisions. We are in the 21st century and if we compare our lives with the previous generation then we are getting better and better.

Let’s contrast the situation of the 1960s and 2014, a difference of 54 years. Child marriages were very common in those days. If a boy had only completed his matriculation, he was bound to get married. It was not at all illegal. Also, matriculation was said to be the maximum level of education during those days and after that a wife was supposed to take care of the house. The man was supposed to go out and work and earn livelihood to support his family. Girls used to get married at the small age of 15.

The youth of the nation has turned out to be responsible citizens. The Youth has changed the spectrum of their thinking; they are more inclined to social cause and welfare. They come out on roads and protest whenever there is something wrong. Let us take an example of the brutal rape case of 16th December 2012 when the complete country and even the world were in shock. It was the youth who took the initiative and stood against the law and officials who tried to delay the case. Situation of Delhi was critical for a month but because of the youth fast track courts were formed to punish the culprits.

Social campaigning through electronic media is the biggest example where youth sees change and decides what changes should be there in and outside the country. Youth wants a change, a change that will help the coming generations to live and sustain a better life than ever. Today’s youth love challenges and love to win them. They try to overcome every situation that helps them to be self-independent.

Youth life is not limited. Youth wants more ideas, information, explorations, more development, more competitions, more jobs, more comfort life, clean political system, corruption-free India, Clean India. In short, better and best in everything is what they want and do. Standing on his/ her leg is what youth wants and being independent is what youth dreams of. Girls dream to do best in every field like boys. They want to take their own decisions. Be independent and fight against every evil that society still has. This is the dream what youth want in his or her lives.


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