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South Campus, DU is always known for its food & hangout places. Waffle becomes an important criteria when it comes to food and because youngsters love it, South Campus has a vast range of waffle places indulging in our budget.

Simran Kaur from Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College says, ‘ If you want to have some delicious waffle, come to Satya Niketan, a place where mouth-watering waffles are served.’

Some of the most famous yet delicious waffle places are Waffle O’Clock, Me Waffle N More, Echoes, Cafeteria N Co and one of the recent place opened is WAFL.

Cafeteria N Co, Echoes and Waffle O’Clock gets a review of 4.5/5 which says all about the place. The newly opened WAFL at Satya Niketan has undoubtedly become a famous hung out place for every Delhi University student in South Campus. ‘Binge on their delish, to-die-for-waffles while playing fun games like chess, ludo, snake and ladder gives us nostalgia of good old days.’ says Rashmi from Jesus and Mary College, DU.

WAFL is the only joint in India which serves us the JTubes for us, that is the most compelling reason to get over!! If you are a pizza lover then waffle pies are the next big thing you find in WAFL. Last but not the least, The Hong Kong Waffle is without any doubt the waffle of our dreams.

Students from all over Delhi University head over to Satya Niketan to have some awesome waffle to Satya Niketan to have some awesome waffle moments. Gargi from Gargi College, DU says, ‘ When it comes to deserts, waffles are my favorite thing and when it comes to waffles, nowhere is better than Satya Niketan’.

Already have your mouths watering? Then stop reading this and head over to South Campus and have your favourite waffles.

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