Experiences in the Women’s Compartment


Travelling in metro is convenient and it helps students move about independently. It is not only light on the pocket but also well-connected. Most colleges are close to metro stations and also to places for youngsters to roam about. But it does come with its disadvantages. Being a girl majority of the time I have to travel in the women’s compartment, but even there I do not find myself comfortable as I am stared down by aunties and other girls. It is better than being stared at by men from the general compartment, but women are highly judgemental. Travelling to and fro is tiring and when one does not find a seat in the crowded metro, we give up and sit on the floor. Even this act is looked at with disgrace by many older women. They think that girls feel ‘cool’ when they sit on the ground rather than sitting on a seat. When we do find a seat, aunties ask us to shift and make space when there is clearly no space for them to occupy. In other words, they want us to give them our seat. Now, do not get me wrong, I do not think that we should not offer seats to those who need. But every time, we should not be asked to get up from our seats. Even though we are younger, we do get tired. I travel a lengthy- one and a half hours in the metro, to go to college, and I did rather have them forgo someone’s seat whose travelling time is less than mine. To solve this issue, I think while travelling during rush hours, the passengers getting off soon should not occupy seats and leave them for the ones who are travelling a much longer distance.

Metro is a saviour in so many ways and without it; it would be a Herculean task for me to get to college. Most days I stand for the entire duration of my journey, as I dislike getting squashed between people trying to sit even in the tiniest unoccupied space. But sometimes I am so tired that I spend the entire time looking for a seat. I have gotten used to it as it is my only mode of transport to college and around. But I think that people, especially women, should become more sensitive and maybe sit for part of the journey. They should offer their seats to those who are tired. Just look around, be more supportive to others instead of dozing off.


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