Career Options after Maths Hons.


Mathematics can be tough for some but their are some who love mathematics truly. They can solve the problem as it is on their tips. However, students after their school choose to go for Mathematics Hons. and they are not aware of the options they have after completing it. Mathematics Hons. is not boring but comes with fantastic job opportunities in both the government and the private sector.

1. Accountancy&Professional Services-If you have passion for business then this option is just right for you because accountancy and professional services involve highly mathematics calculations and analysis. Moreover, it will help you set your future in industry with your degree.
2. The Actuarial Profession-Mathematics is always used in Actuaries for statistical modelling to predict future events and their impact on organisations financially.
3. Investment & Banking- Investment banks provide financial advice and services to corporations, government and individuals.
4. Banking – Banking activities involve mathematics which helps in accuracy and intelligence to solve problems.
5. Computing&ICT- If you like computers and wish to pursue your career in computers then ICT can help you secure better jobs.
6. Engineering Sciences- Engineering provides a great scope for mathematics students as it involves real-life and physical problems which needs to be solved.
7. General Management – If you find yourself as a leader and always had neck into management and resources then it’s the right time for you to use your degree.
8. Operational & Statistical Research – If you can analyse and solve problems then you can go for both. Operational involves improving efficiency. Whereas, statistical involves data and statistics.
9. Teaching- At last if you have a thought for teaching then you can go for Phd, MSc and other for teaching career because teaching never goes wrong.


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