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Among the phrases used to define India , ‘The World’s Largest Democracy’ , may be the one most commonly heard. It is heartening that , unlike our neighbor Pakistan, we have never really let the army take over the running of the nation. Over the years , democracy in our country has been used and abused in a million ways but never really set aside completely . However , there are certain problems that Indian democracy has today.

Firstly, we have all noticed how things start running smoothly whenever elections begin to loom. Roads are laid , promises are made and even the public officials become much more polite. Such is the power of a people’s voice. However , once we vote , we are voiceless for the next 5 years. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could vote everyday ? If we could let our representatives know exactly what we think of their decisions and statements, could we not force them to think twice before making a decision? Just give it a thought.

Secondly, It is also bothersome that the elections only let us choose who we want , rather than what we want . We do not get to ask for modifications in a mandate . This is leading to the elections becoming a clash of personalities rather than an issue based debate.

Lastly , isn’t it weird that the only people who seem to be able to force the government to change its decisions are the ones willing to break glasses , burn buses and derail trains? What is an intelligent person with respect for the law, state property and human life to do then? Obviously we can’t stoop to the level of pelting people with stones. Nor can we always organize candlelight marches to protest an injustice.

Surely , such complications can’t exist. It must be simpler to have our voice heard in a democracy. Unfortunately, this is how our country works. This is what motivated us to create Opinia360. As a democracy , a people’s voice cannot be ignored. However , the voice must come as one. It must be loud and clear , too strong to ignore and too powerful to oppose. How will this happen? Through technology that cuts across barriers of distance , time and finances.Every day we will send our users one socially/politically relevant question and post the results on our website and our Facebook page. With over 450 million smart-phone users predicted in India by 2016, Opinia360 shall soon branch out into all regional languages too to ensure that this app doesn’t remain restricted to just the English speakers . As everyone at Opinia360 likes to say , it is a new India and we see hope. Speak up . Create an undeniable voice . A hopeful nation is waiting.


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