Life of an Outstationer in Delhi


Students all over the country want to get their college to be Delhi University. They work their possible way to get in the best of the central university that is Delhi University but coming from a different background and living into the fast-moving city Delhi comes with both advantages and problems.

The dream of getting into it comes true but living away from parents, family, and culture is quite a difficult task. They have to live into one room for three years as a PG unlike they were living into the familiar old bricked building. Far away from the family, they get their own family to whom we call friends. Sharing room was not only their mere motive they start sharing all they have. Yes, we know it’s difficult and we get mental breakdowns when we need our blood relation ones but they give us the shoulder to cry on, a hug as tight as it takes away all sorrows. They change their lifestyle completely those family dinners turn into party plans but when I ask them what they miss the most ‘ Ghar ka khana miljaye bas ‘ I know PG’s and canteen provide food but the taste and quality lacks and for a thought it also lacks ‘ maa ka Pyaar’ but they have Maggie to the rescue. However, if you don’t have control over yourself then you can also get addicted to bad things.

Initially, it’s very difficult to settle if you are from a small town because you don’t know how to cope up but when you settle you find a long way to go. One learns how to succeed in life, how life could take bad turns and gives you more self-confidence and strength. From the slow tortoise, they turn themselves into a rabbit who moves ahead quickly to accomplish goals. Moreover, Delhi helps them grasp new opportunities to make their future a better one.

Apart from studies if you’re a foodie then Delhi is perfect for you as it offers best street food and yes don’t forget to get air pollution because Delhi is a hub of pollution. Delhi is full of movie halls, malls, shopping places, heritage sites and everything a student wants. In all Delhi is a place where both miracle and mirage happen.


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