Liberating Travellers


They say “It is not the destination but the journey that matters”. Most true, isn’t it? What matters the most is what we gather during our journey, the experiences, dichotomy between right and wrong, and the people that we get acquainted with.

  My childhood fantasy has been to travel around the world, see the diversities, the varied culture around the places. When I was a child I used to think that when I grow up and start earning money, I will go to places I want to go without caring about anything. The places that I always found very alluring were New York, London, Paris and Spain but most of all New York caught my attention. It is still on the top rank in my list of dream places and I definitely want to land on that ground.

 Every place on earth has its own charm and splendor that just takes your breath away when you encounter it in its full glory. I always thought that travellers are the most accomplished people because they follow the most important and essential rule of earth, universe or of nature and that is ‘moving on’. Staying dynamic is the most prioritized motto of nature and it wouldn’t be so alive if it wasn’t. So according to me travellers are the most free people I can ever imagine because they are free from every limitations. They do things their way; do what they want to do. They are absolute daredevils as they always explore, they cross boundaries, sail the seas and land on a complete strange land with no one by their side or to no one they know. They come out of their comfort zones which require a lot of courage as stepping out from the realm of known to the realm of unknown is not what everyone is capable of doing. Curiosity is the spark that keeps them driving, not some stupid; worthless stereotypes telling them what to do and what not to do.

 I aspire to become like them, to conquer my fears, stepping out into uncertainty and one day perhaps, I will accomplish it. I dream for the liberty to provide me liberty and I will ensure the fact that it does.

  The beauty of travelling is undefined and the glow of journey is infinite. When you travel alone ; just with yourself ,you get so much time to know yourself , you tend to think things you never paid any attention to because you were too busy working according to the ways of the world. I think it’s very important to know who you are , what you want , what you seek and what is it that you want the most in this world? In the end I leave you wondering with these most fascinating questions of life. Do think about it!


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