CUT-OFFs of Delhi University Colleges For Past Few Years


Cut-offs have always been high for Delhi University but from the past few years, it’s been on an increasing note. DU cut off is based on various factors like best of 4 percentages, cut off of previous year etc. For 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 we see a bar scaling high cut-offs every year.

Cut off, DU for the year 2015

Motilal Nehru college – BCom Hons  95.99%

SRCC – Economics 98.5%

LSR – English Hons 98.5%

Hindi – History Hons 97.5%

Kirori Mal college – Pol Science 98%

Hansraj College – Electronics 97%

Miranda House – Zoology 96.67

LSR – BA(P) 97%

Hansraj , Hindu – Chemistry Hons 97.33%

Hindu , KMC , LSR – Maths 97.5%

None of the reputed colleges had their cut offs below 96 percent which is for sure a very big target. Giving it competition the cut offs of 2016 were higher than 2015.

The cut off for the best colleges in DU have reached above 95 percent with Ramjas college setting the highest demanding  99.25% for BCom Hons.

Cut off , DU for year 2016

Ramjas college – B Com Hons 99.25%

B Com 98.75%

Economics Hons 98.5%

Lady Shri Ram College -Psychology Hons 98.5%

English Hons 98.25%

B Com Hons 98%

Journalism Hons 97.7%

SRCC – Economics Hons 98.25%

B Com Hons 98%

Hindu College – B Com Hons 97.75%

Economics Hons 97.75%

History Hons 97.75%

English Hons 97.75%

Sir Venkateswara – Economics Hons 97.75%

English Hons 96.75%

History Hons 96%

Political science Hons 96%

Hansraj College – B Com Hons 97.75%

Economics Hons 98%

An aspirant who wanted admission in SRCC said, ” This time the cut off is much higher than the last year making it more difficult for students to get admission in their desired colleges.” DU cut off lists for 2016 broke hearts of many aspirants due to a high percentage, but as against expectations, DU cut off lists 2017 set comparatively lower percentage for admission in various UG courses.

However, still some colleges like Ramjas college set their cut off for B Com Hons as 99.25%.

Cut off, DU for the year 2017

Ramjas college – B Com Hons 99.25%

Economics Hons 97.5%

SRCC – B Com Hons 97.75%

Economics Hons 97.5%

St. Stephens College – Economic Hons 98%

English Hons 97.25%

“This year’s cut off list is relieving  as the cut off has  decreased to some percentages making it happening for students to get admissions in their desired colleges.” Says a teacher from Kirori Mal college. As the cut offs decreased in 2017 , DU decided to increase and decrease the cut off according to the subjects and previous year cut off.

For 2018 the highest cut off for arts and humanities was from LSR for BA (P) courses as 98.75% , Psychology Hons 98.5% and Economics Hons 97.75%.

Cut off, DU for the year 2018

LSR – Psychology Hons 98.5%

Economics Hons 97.75%

SGTB Khalsa College – Economics Hons 97.75%

Political science Hons 97.25%

Kirori Mal college – Political science Hons 96.5%

Hindu College – Economics Hons 98%

English Hons 98%

SRCC – Economics Hons 98.75%

The cut off for 2018 are higher than 2017 but lower than 2016 . Aspirants have to work hardest to get admissions in their desired colleges. Thus building up more competition every year.

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