DU Mantra To Beat The Heat


As soon as we hear of “summers” we immediately think of all the fun associated with summers, be it be ice-creams, loose and relaxing clothes and much more. But soon we face the problem of summer’s heat which sometimes becomes difficult to bear. Sun burns and suntan go hand in hand with summers. But the DU mantra to beat the heat helps to cope up with the burning temperature.

From the very onset of summers DU students start taking measures, especially girls. It is common to see the DU girls with scarfs which are wrapped on their face and arms. It helps them to protect themselves from intolerable heat. Apart from scarfs students do use umbrellas even for small distances, which is quite useful. So if you are new to DU, do remember to carry a scarf and an umbrella so that you do not get tanned and face other summer related problems.

Always carry a water bottle so that you do not become a victim of dehydration. Sunglasses are very popular among students, it not only helps them tackle heat but also makes them look good. Do apply sun screen lotions to avoid burning heat. There are various stalls and small food shops in DU which provides cold drinks and lemonades and help refresh students.

Almost every college in DU has rest rooms or common rooms, which provide a facility to students to get some relief from high temperature by washing their face and taking some rest in a comfortable place. The ice-cream stalls are very evident in the campus and students frequently choose ice-cream to provide them with immediate relief from the scorching heat, it is also the first choice of students as it is accompanied with great taste.


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