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YOUTH-O-POLITICS Round Table Society duk
Written by DU Khabar

22nd September 2014, Monday, DU-An interactive session on the norms and ideologies of politics was organized in Kirori Mal College by The Round Table Society. The occasion was marked by the presence of Dr. Yogendra Yadav and Mr.Rajat Sharma. Being an active member of the society and a democratic country, we have always faced questions regarding the kind of politics at a younger level and arriving at the conclusion that youth can give a useful contribution only if they have an ambition of changing the perceived NORMAL of society. These basic arguments were put forward by the speakers in simple syllables.

The event began by a short felicitation ceremony followed by a session on politics by Dr. Yadav. He mainly argued that” power belongs to those who decide what is normal”  .according to him one cannot do away with politics and faces politics at some or the other point in their life. Its has been called as the YUG DHARMA of today i.e the central axis around which our activities take shape. He emphasizes on the strength of fresh ideas and perspective that youth can bring to politics and  “break the established notions of normalcy and bring about a change.” He clearly proves how the established everyday ideas have engulfed our view of things and taken over our sight. And so to change the given hierarchy of power will help in bringing about constructive changes in politics and this is where the role of youth in politics plays a pivotal role.

After an enlightening talk, the floor was open to audience –speaker interaction, wherein Mr. Yadav managed to convince youth for active participation in politics in spite of having to agree that its a ‘DIRTY PICTURE’ and will change for the better if we as responsible citizens are ready to take up the duty to challenge the very basis of WHAT IS NORMAL.

The interaction heatened up with the presence of The AAP KI ADAALAT’ famed public figure – Mr. Rajat Sharma. He totally is an inspiring soul for the youth with his charming smile and witty but warm answers. He started by congratulating the youth boldly fighting for Nirbhaya case and that DU has been know for such social agitations and has in bringing about legislative changes on issues such rape . He even shared glimpses of his early life and how his father motivated him to be a T.V. icon. On being asked about the role of media in playing with people’s opinions he denied any such allegations on media. He bluntly put forth his argument on the importance of financial freedom but also emphasized on the honest dedication of media people when the situation of national importance arises.

YOUTH-O-POLITICS was a major success for the society and their team members. We hope to attend more such sessions organized by THE ROUND TABLE.

And for the youth I would like to quote Dr.Yadav-“Welcome to POLITICS”


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