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Make Your Leadership Aspiration Go International

Written by DU Khabar

The world’s largest youth run organisation present in over 124 countries is one of the few organisations that has remained relevant even after having been established more than 65 years ago. AIESEC, a student-run youth organisation, aims at creating responsible global leaders for peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential. It has been doing this by facilitating exchanges. Every 48 hours two young students embark on a journey to become a leader for change.

One of the two exchange opportunities that AIESEC provides is the Youth Global Entrepreneurship Program. This 6-8 weeks exchange program provides young undergraduate students the opportunity to nurture their entrepreneurial and leadership skills through working on social issues centered around global issues. The aim is to help the country’s youth develop a world vision and gain a social, entrepreneurial and professional experience.

 Another program that the organisation offers is the Youth Global Internship Program.  This program is an opportunity for recent graduates to develop their professional skills in a unique manner. It provides them a chance to be a part of a larger global learning environment through a paid international internship.

An international internship equips the students with the skills and competencies to take up the role of future leaders. It inculcates a sense of responsibility and leadership in students. It helps to make them culturally sensitive and take active participation in steering the future of the world. Apart from this, it also contributes to their personal development.

Aasaf Parvez of Shivaji College from Delhi University went on an internship to Poland says, ‘Teaching English to children in Poland was the most powerful experience of my life.I had to go to different schools and tutor children of ages 3-7. It entailed me sharing Indian Culture with them. Not only this, I made friends from over 20 countries and now have a second home in each of them.”

Nehul Patidar of Symbiosis University went on an internship to Russia and this is what he has to share, “’I was lucky to have been a part of “Sunshine.” The internship gave me the unique opportunity to work with children and give them impressions for the whole life”.

Like Aasaf and Nehul, the youth today is geared up to take the first step and embark on the most beautiful journey in their lives. Take the lead by signing up for an international internship.


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