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AIESEC Delhi IIT Youth Leadership Summit
Written by Tanya Singh

The annual AIESEC Delhi IIT Youth Leadership Summit could be said as “the best day” by most that got the opportunity to attend it. With best entrepreneurs and leaders, the people who attended the summit became witness to finest speeches and leadership ideologies. The event organized at Country’s Inn, Chhattarpur, many college students from various universities and institutes such as, Delhi University, IP University, IIT etc. The speakers included Mrs. Sonali jain, Mr. Swapnil Tewari, etc the speeches were awe inspiring. The event primarily focused onhow the youths should work deliberately toward building a strong and powerful nation. The leadership summit talked about empowering youth of our nation and taking the advantage of us being the country with maximum number youth. Youth leadership summit focused on flourishing the ideology and agenda of “MY DREAM INDIA” and how one should focus on empowering the whole nation and not just individual development. The event was just not about speeches and lectures, so as to say, there were performances by top three contestants from DELHI’S GOT TALENT. The contestants were absolutely amazing, from fine guitar tunes to amazing drama performance, the contestants just stole the show and the audience could not help but applause. The event was thoroughly organized and informed everybody about the foreign internships sponsored by AIESEC, the resume building and best “how to be awesome” by Mr. Swapnil Tewari.

“A leader takes people where they want to go, a great leader takes people where they might not want to go but they ought to go.” – ROSALYNN CARTER. The lines best define on what AIESEC Delhi focuses on and how it wants to contribute in building our nation so that it emerges out more powerful with the most sought after youth brigade.


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