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Year One Of The FYUP Delhi University

FYUP Delhi University Du khabar
Written by Madhur Khetrapal

The Four Year Undergraduate Program, as introduced for the first time last year is on the verge of completing its first year. The Delhi University website offers a whole lot of details regarding this new program but what it does not entail, is the actual experience we as students went through during our first year. Being a part of the first batch of the program, I would like to share a few things me and my college mates experienced studying FC’s, as we commonly like to call them-

1. A highly engaging time table:

Gear up for a time table with minimal free slots. The number of subjects increases due to the FCs and this leads to hardly any time to take a break between classes.

 2. Projects, projects and projects:

Though the FC written exam accounts for twenty marks, the internal holds fifty five marks which majorly include projects related to the subject. These subjects comprise of so many projects, individual projects, group projects etc that they will drain all of your energy.

 3. Going back to the basics:

Be prepared to study the basics of all the subjects you thought you would not be studying anymore once you left school. Studying prime numbers in math, propositions in English and so on may sound easy but studying them when you thought you were done with all this for good is not an easy task.

 4. Who says attendance is not an issue?

Even though it is not, the presentations and group discussions make it un-feasible to miss too many classes. All projects are meant to be presented and group discussions are marked. Try and missing classes amidst all that!

 5. The number of sheets to be signed gets doubled:

At the end of every semester, all subjects require us to sign off on our internal marks. This seems like a trivial job but waiting for the teacher in charge to release the sheet, searching for your name in a pile of papers requires strenuous efforts. Especially, when it’s around the time for exams and all you want to do is prepare for them.

So, all of you eyeing at studying at Delhi University make sure you’re ready to face all of the above.

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