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XENIUM 16.0 – Annual Technical Festival of PGDAV

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Written by DU Khabar

The Annual Festival “Xenium” is package of various competitions that would exhibit and pit against each other best minds and talents from different colleges and universities in the field of IT. It promises to every one their share of fun, entertainment and opportunities.

It has a very simple objective – To create a launch pad for the students of computer science around, so that they can get an experience of not only the varied spheres of computer science but to also showcase their talents and compete against others.

It encompasses all the spheres of IT and gives a platform to foster the brilliance inside these talented students. Here we endeavor to generate a Utopian virtual world, so that we can together weave a modern world of technology

The fest caption for Xenium 16.0 is “Coding Logic, Creating Magic” and as we hit the stage with the most awaited brain bursting technical events, we promise to create a launch pad for the students with technical knowledge around, like never before!


directors cut

For those who capture moment of now, as they will be memories tomorrow. Revive the world, Capture the untouched. Mesmerize it. Show your world to us.
Xenium’s directors cut offers them the ultimate opportunity to showcase their talent.

Code-sense: coding event

Are you lazy enough to read long programs? Do you find shortcuts in every task? Are you a die-hard programmer? Did I hear a “YES”? Then, you can win prizes for these qualities. If you think yourself to be the engineer of this generation, come here and compete in CODE-Sense.. Your CODE will decide it BETTER..!!


So you call yourself a hacker, its time to prove yourself ! Xenium presents the biggest hacking challenge that you’ve ever face. HackTrack – The Hacking Event.


Flex your nerves, and prepare your words to impress our judges!
Shoot words, hit the mark and win cash-prizes.
Be precise, because you’ll only get 1 min.

insomnia 16.0: lan war

Bomdia gamers!
Come feel the adrenaline rush as it goes big and down to the wire! May it be a Rabona or a simple Elastico.
Can you do what it takes to grab the winner.

insomnia 16.1: console gaming

Bomdia gamers!
Come feel the adrenaline rush as it goes big and down to the wire! May it be a Rabona or a simple Elastico.
Can you do what it takes to grab the winner.

spec-obfuscation: quiz with virtual bidding

You think you have it in you?
The brain of computer genius.
Vision of an entrepreneur
Then embrace your geekiness and perseverance, because its time for Quiz with a Virtual Bidding Twist.

scrounge: treasure hunt

Caption jack sparrow Billy bones and caption hook have been trying to find the hidden treasure and here is your chance to outrun them in this quest. So find your pirates crew ready your ship and venture out into the vast ocean called PGDAV. Be the first to unearth the precious treasure.


‘Its been so long while playing with numbers and flirting with your luck.
The wits of a numerologist and intuition of a seer is all what it takes …get smarter this time.
Try E-tambola.’


It’s March, 2015 , The researcher have found the “All Spark” in the Indian Ocean and is now placed here in PGDAV. Autobots and Decepticons have already arrived.

Take the ultimate powers in your hands and fight till the end, as if you are the single one left but still you are the “Optimus Prime”. Fight your way through hurdles and get the “All Spark” and save the World again.

Are you ready to go!!

It’s a YES or a NO!!

Or the “All Spark” will go…go….go!! 

Sounds simple, looks simple but ultimate challenge is to show your command on the basics and your comfort level with your Robot….

ad for tech

AD for TECH is an ‘Advertisement Making Competition’ for all students to showcase their creativity. It comprises of humorous & conceptual ad presentation by the students. Students will have to act out on various advertisement script or products like laptops etc. All the teams will be given a time frame to showcase their talent.


Technical dumb?charades is a new and exciting version of dumb? charades in which the team has to enact the given technical terms.


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