IS She Really The Weaker Sex?

female the weaker sex than males
Written by Apoorva Rajhans

When her subjugation marries his dictatorship, her humility marries his aggression, her acceptance marries his penetration, her feminity marries his masculinity; a woman marries a man.
A woman is always expected to be a man’s shadow, following him wherever he goes. As a daughter, a sister, a wife or a mother, she has to her male guardian. She is always considered to be weaker than him. Is that true? Are not we deciding way too early? Is she really really weaker than him?
Parvati sat for tapasya in the himalayas for a thousand years to get Shiva as her husband. Facing a lot of obstacles, she didn’t stop on the way. She kept trying to reach that level where she could become His Wife, to be the jagatjanani. When she became spiritually wise, Shiva accepted her as his wife. Even then her struggle didn’t end. While learning about Tantra, Shiva cursed her for becoming a fisherman’s daughter (a matsyakanya). She accepted his order and turned into a little girl again to be a fisherman’s daughter.
Parvati did not need to do all this tapasya as she herself was shakti. Shakti is the creator of the universe. Even Shiva is like a Shava (corpse) in the absence of Shakti.
Then why did Parvati take so much of pain and suffer so many hardships? She was the creator. Why did not she simply led a life of happiness with her husband? The answer is simple enough. She was not bound to be weak, she opted for it.
And maybe the same has been happening even today. A woman always bows down to keep up the spirit of the man, to continue the way Parvati had begun. But does that mean that she has to be suppressed by the society and its male members? No.
After Sati burnt herself in her father’s yajnakunda, Shiva became extremely sad. He did Tandava in the whole universe and then lord Vishnu, to lower his aggression, cut Sati’s body parts that fell at different places of the earth. Those places are today known as Shaktipeeth. Shiva after that went to kamrup and did tapasya to get his wife back for a thousand years. Shakti then promised him to be his wife as Parvati.
Even the man has to suffer. No one is a weaker sex. Both have their own strengths. If a man has got more of physical strength, a woman has got more of stamina. She bleeds for days and still manages to be fine. She carries a child in her womb for nine big months and still never gets irritated about it.
If the society claims that it is the man who earns and brings money for the family, it becomes very important for me to mention that at the beginning of the universe, the man did the households and the woman worked to gather resources for the family. Even today, a woman works and sometimes earns more than the man. But, oh! We are indians. How can indian men accept their defeat? How can women be a step ahead of them?
Paulo Coelho identifies knowledge as the masculine power and transformation as feminine. Both united form wisdom.
It is time to prepare our minds and accept that a man and a woman are the wheels of the same cart. Their inequalities in size will not work out. They have to be similar. They have to be EQUAL.


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