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Winter Breaks From Delhi

winter break have fun delhi university students

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart” ~ Confucius

Someone has rightly said that the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. Some of the greatest discoveries are a result of intensive traveling undertaken by great explorers. In a busy metro, like Delhi, it is really difficult to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city but considering the new year approaching, a small vacation is not far away. Travelling certainly provides wings to the imagination as one gets to DREAM… DISCOVER &… EXPLORE !!!

DU KHABAR brings out to its readers a list of 10 offbeat places which will help them to take this planned (for some) or unplanned (for many) sojourn –

  • Neemrana Fort (133 km SW of Delhi) : Situated in Rajasthan (national highway between Delhi & Jaipur), this fort dates back to 1464 and can be credited for starting the weekend holiday craze from Delhi ~ a perfect blend of modern marvel and history. Delightful in the winters and romantic in the rains, this fort is even tolerable during Rajasthan’s summers due to the stylish jharonkas cut into the thick walls. The decor of this stunning fort is though simple and low-key but yet majestic.
  • Kesroli Hill Fort (155 km S of delhi) : It is a 14th century fort situated atop the rare dark hornstone breccias rocks, built by the Yaduvanshi Rajputs. This is one of the best heritage hotels of India well known for its turrets, ramparts and arched verandahs. It makes for an ideal base from where you can visit neighboring forts, palaces & sanctuaries at Alwar and Sariska.
  • Manesar  (45 km S of Delhi) : Located near IMT Manesar, down the Jaipur highway, built along the lines of traditional haveli. This heritage village’s informal ambiance & standard of service combine with a wide range of recreational facilities and easy access, to make it popular both with business and leisure travelers


  • Surjivan Farm (50 km from Delhi) : This 50 acre farm is not only a rustic destination but, as one may call it, being in the lap of nature. Not only is the farming organic, the very living, food and health treatments emphasize the ‘natural’. It’s location encourages a day-visit but one can also avail of the stay packages. Gather around a bonfire at night or take advantage of the haze-free clear skies, providing an immense pleasure to the star gazers.


  • Kalki Mystic (42 km from Delhi) : Certainly an old McDonald’s farm with an ethnic twist, this little 4-acre property is located near Sultanpur Tourist Complex. Kalki Mystic specializes in stress management programmes. While the adults are busy letting it all out in the meditation hall, the kids can have fun chasing kites and chickens or taking a bumpy bullock cart ride.


  • Sheilma farm (50 Km from Delhi) : Situated near village Khori Jamalpur (distt. Faridabad), this place has an old-world charm with cottages lined with French windows. The arts & crafts workshop is an added bonus. Plus you get to go high up in a hot air-balloon, pick strawberries in season, waltz off to damdama lake an also visit an ancient temple. Some of the thrilling add-ons are rock-climbing,  camel ride, and bonfire dance.


  • Surajkund (8 km SE of delhi) : The ancient village of Surajkund, is nestled amongst the rocky Aravalli hills was built in 10th century by a Tomar Rajput Cheiftan, Raja Suraj Pal. The ancient tank and an amphitheater are of interest here. Every February, the annual Surajkund Crafts Mela is held with a mini Food Festival and people flock from different parts of the country every year to pay a visit to this much awaited fair.


  • Hansi (138.4 km from Delhi): This is an ancient fort town situated in Haryana, was once a prosperous city but has now become a tourist spot due to its historical monuments and ancient forts. It has five entry points ~ Delhi Gate, Hisar, Gosain Gate, Basri Gate (built bu Allaudin Khilji) & Umra Gate. Hansi was once the centre for Sword Manufacturing and trading Company. Prithvi Raj Chauhan, and Anangpal Tomar visited Hansi and left their cultural imprints in the form of forts, tombs, mosques and shrines.
    Baoli (tank), Ruined fort complex, Hisar, Hansi (Haryana)


  • Sultanpur (46 km from Delhi): Situated on the Delhi-jaipur highway, is the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary which used to be haunted by Salim Ali, the legendary birdman of India. These famous wetlands are a home to many migratory birds during the winter. Stay in tents, camps and enjoy activities including adventure sports and nature walks.


  • Sardhana (50 km from Delhi) : This is perfect for a one-day trip and it’s main center of attraction is its 1822-built basilica dedicated to Virgin Mary. The town hosts a nine-day pilgrimage each November. Uncover the intriguing history of the muslim dancing girl who rose to become a Christian princess – Begum Samru who married a French mercenary; fought by his side; inherited his fiefdom of Sardhana and his 6 battalions & led her troops in the battle. She went on to commission the beautiful church at Sardhana which is a must visit.

These rejuvenating gateways will surely enliven your spirits & enrich your mind. So, guys what are you waiting for ???  Pack up your bags, fasten your seat belts and GET, SET, PO….. BON VOYAGE !!!



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