Creativity Poetry

Who am I?

Written by DU Khabar

Am I the name you call me?

Or am I the face you see?

Am I the clothes I adorn?

Or am I the pale skin underneath?


Am I the one who does what I wish?

Or am I the one who follows without batting an eyelid?


Am I the one who walks past without a sign of acknowledgement?

Or am I the one who makes everyone smile?


Am I the one who finds tranquility in solitude?

Or am I the one who enjoys a night of reveling?


Am I who you deem me to be?

Or who I aspire to be?


Am I myself?

Or am I myself?


About the author

DU Khabar

DU Khabar popularly known as DUK is a youth media channel that aims to connect college students with latest information about Delhi University & stuffs.

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