What’s Worse- The way you are or you behave?

Written by Aayush Das

Now I got your attention. As sexist and irrational this sentence may seem, it is a hard truth of the present day. A few years ago, an open letter addressed to the ‘guys of Delhi’ went viral on the social network, a letter written by a normal girl from Kerala. Obviously, she had some experiences with the notorious Delhi boys. But every coin has a flip side. No matter what we say or believe, but the rape capital of the country didn’t become what it is without reason. We are a generation which matures far too quickly to handle the amount of knowledge we gain. We have access to almost everything, thanks to the internet and media. The question being, Is it only the men who are at fault regarding the perils women faces? The answer, unfortunately, is no!

We had a lot of horrific incidents in our city, but most of them could have been avoided if people had just been careful. You can’t change the perverts; they exist in every generation and every society. But we can always change the way we protect our society. We can always change the way we protect ourselves. Believe it or not, rapes happen everywhere, and they happen with the same horrific extremity as they happen in Delhi. The only difference is that our city is always under hype, so no issue gets unheeded. This isn’t an excuse; this is an answer to our problems. Everybody cares about what happens in our neighbourhood, why don’t we? Why don’t we raise our voices against the evils we see every day? Most importantly, why do our females behave like a weaker section of the society?

Drop the raised eyebrows. This sounds bad but it is the truth. On one hand, women claims that they are equals and should be treated as such, and on the other hand, they want different treatment in all walks of life. In other words, they want chivalry and extra respect because it is advantageous, but they keep forgetting that soft treatment is given to people who are considered to be weaker. I remember an incident which happened in the Delhi Metro. A middle aged man was sitting on a seat reserved for ladies. He looked pale and weak. A very young and healthy girl walked up to him and ordered him to vacate the seat. The man simply smiled and said – “You have an entire bogey reserved for you. You still want more?”

We can never deny the fact that the men of our society are monsters. But bad as they are, they are still human. And they can be handled, if our society tried to empower itself. Women must try to empower themselves. There can be a debate on the correctness of the ideas I have presented, but all of us know that it’s always the victims who start revolutions. So, instead of feeling offended, women should buckle their belts and prepare to start a chain of events that redefine the Delhi society, because men have little reason to fight for them. We will help you ladies, but you have to help yourselves first!


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Aayush Das

Dynamic and witty- these two words best describe the author. He began writing young, so his prowess with the pen has been very much like the youngster’s character, evolutionary and far-sighted. His writings mainly focus on thought processes of the youth and what goes around in the society.

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