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What’s your priority- Course or College?

College or Course Delhi University Admission 2014
Written by Kanika Sachdeva

The most difficult choice to make for a student aspiring to be a part of DU is to choose between the course or college. Every college of DU is unique in its own way. It is believed that being a part of DU is a journey full of breathtaking experiences. The year in DU starts with cultural fests and ends with excitement for the forthcoming one.
The sky high cutoffs limit the options for students but still the confusion remains. Some students opt for courses which they never wished to pursue in order to get into the college of their choice. On the other hand, some students give priority to the course they always wished to pursue and choose the best college which offers them their favorite subject. But the question is who is making the right decision of the two?
It may sound philosophical but the truth is one should always give priority to course over college. In the long run, the determination of doing what you always wanted to do counts and not the name of the college. This fact is also true that one college may be better than the other in terms of opportunities but the content remains the same in all the colleges. If you opt for the course you always wanted to opt for, it will make you competent and help you grab opportunities ahead. Students often lack interest when they give priority to college over course.
In the end being a part of DU makes a difference. So make a wise choice!


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