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Written by Shriya Arora

Miranda House is full of new faces that are busy exploring, and visiting the other colleges of North Campus. The environment around is entirely different for all the freshers, New people, friends, teachers, and of course, an altogether new place. Students in MH are busy interacting with people around and making new friends. Students are looking forward to attend, and be a part of the most happening event of the year “MS FRESHER 2014” where they can showcase their talent. The most exciting part of this event is the so called “theme” on the basis of which the students are judged, and awarded accordingly. Every girl’s dream is to become the “Ms Fresher” of the college because this gives them a status, builds their confidence, and increases popularity. Who does not want to be popular? Everyone wants to be! Girls are busy deciding about their outfit for the event. In the year 2013, we did not just see one theme, but many. We saw girls imitating and dressing up as the top female political legends of our nation such as Indira Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu, Rani Lakshmi Bai etc. Interestingly, we also saw some girls dressed as cartoon characters such as Mr. Bean, Miney Mouse, Mermaid, Tom and Jerry etc. Seeing this, freshers are also very eager to dress likewise.

The college witnesses a lot of events in the first one month of the reopening. Wait, it’s not yet over! There is more to go. And what is that? “THE ANNUAL SOCIETY AUDITIONS” There are various societies in Miranda House which offers a wide range of talent such as The Dance society, The Dramatics society, The Music society and The Creative Art society. Apart from these societies, there are a few more like the Spic Macay, Adventure Club, Women’s Development Cell, Debating society and The Gandhi Circle Society. Every year the auditions for these societies are held in the month of August. Students participate and audition for the societies they are interested in. Miranda House is famous for its Dance and the Drama Societies named as the Tanz and Anukriti, respectively. Every year, there are hundreds of names in the list of auditions. Eventually, the best of the girls are shortlisted for the final round, and then selected eventually.

So now, Freshers get ready to dance on your favourite peppy numbers; be ready with your outfits because you never know, the next “Ms Fresher 2014” might be you. This year will not come back, nor will the opportunity. So all the best to you for the events and the coming year, it’s time to pull up your socks and get ready to compete for the title. Be funky, cool, innovative and different from all, and of course, keep loving Miranda House.


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