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What Is Love?

Written by DU Khabar

So have you ever fallen in ‘Love’?
I fear that it’s not “Love” that you’ve fallen for…
It’s the “Idea” of Love that you have fallen in Love with…
So have you ever felt the Winds playing with your hair, bouncing up your nose & tickling you somewhere…?
 As if the world has all of a sudden transformed into a Paradise (of heaving) & you suddenly grow so observant to the magnificent role that the elements of nature are playing in your life…
The stars seem to have lit up the sky of ‘Dreams’ for you & there you are…  
Up the moon as you waltz to the rhythms of your heart’s inner recesses
There!  You wake up to the squeaking beeps of your alarm as you drool & try dozing off again but the dream just won’t replay!
You start with your daily errands & set apart some part of the day to ‘Daydream’…
You start planning & plotting to break ice with the *Object of Love* & once you are over with the ‘ice’ & onto ‘entice’, you sail away to *Fantasy Island* with your hands firmly clasped together, the rhythms of your hearts synchronising into one & your expectations of each other rising with each breath you take ‘together’
Than things go topsy-turvy…
Once the initial burning flame of *Passion* is doused, you sail away together to        *Disaster Island*with each breath of yours fighting a battle with your existence & from there, you part ways & sail one boat each with your newfound *Love* for            Independent Existence…
That’s a brief Summary of Modern Day Relationships that are borne out of *Accentuated* ideals of Love that are no more than *Ideals*
These Ideals lead to a pool full of expectations that murder whatever love exists of *Love*
*Love* is not a Process of Mutual Immolation by burning & getting consumed by the burning flames of Infatuation *of the moment*
It is a Beautiful term, which defines the girth & depth of Human Relationships
How people stand by each other through thick & thin, holding strong when the tides of time are trying to wither away the bond… growing stronger with each passing day & loving each other more than you have ever loved before!
It’s an amalgam of Commitment, Passion, Consideration & Care that forges love..
Its intensity/existence is not affected by frivolities like social/economic status, physical appearance, intelligence, tact or smartness
It is born each day…
You cannot force Love, nor annihilate it…
It’s free, radiant, dynamic, luminous, pure, lucid & true
And yes it lasts **FOREVER**


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