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What a Voter Wants

Written by Saloni Verma

The strong aroma of promises, manifestoes, allegations, counter allegations and demagoguery- yes, this is the election time in Delhi. However, this time the new cuisine consists of spices of alien flavours. People across the globe have widened their eyes to witness this thrilling match. Now, as I sit to pen down the current political scenario of Delhi, a multitude of aspects dance before my eyes. These aspects are not only amusing but also puzzling as one goes deeper into the drama.

 What strikes me as the most remarkable phenomenon this time is the ethereal presence of the congress party. Just a few years back, while I was in school, Sheila Dixit used to play the role of an indomitable candidate in this political drama. Back then, I could have hardly conceived the idea of removal of the congress party from chair, leave alone the idea of its sudden catastrophic devastation. Today, this whining party can at most be expected to form coalition with the Aam Admi Party (AAP) against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in order to continue with its existence in Delhi.

 The BJP in the meanwhile seems to be playing a tricky mind game. The saffron party- allegiance to which once required one to adopt the ideology of ‘integral humanism’, propounded by Dayal Upadhyay- has now chosen Kiran Bedi as its candidate, smashing the hopes of legislators of the party from Delhi itself, like BJP state unit chief Satish Upadhyay and Union Minister Harsh Vardhan. By choosing Kiran Bedi as the candidate, the party has proved that it is ready to tamper with its own ideologies in the quest for power. The party members are also adopting catchy English alliterations and phrases during their campaigns as opposed to pure Sanskritised vocabulary in order to appeal to the urban youth.

 Kiran Bedi, on the other hand is often called a hypocrite or an opportunist. She had once called Arvind Kejriwal an opportunist for deserting his own ideals while she is doing something similar today. In the light of the old tweets by Kiran Bedi, attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it’s hard not to think of her as an opportunist as she glorifies him unnaturally now. The AAP has also brought into light the tweets by former AAP member, Shazia Ilmi, mocking at the BJP which she has joined now. As the politicians and the political parties are increasingly compromising ideology in lust of power, the baffled voters have begun to lose trust in this democratic structure.

 What is also remarkable is the stunning comeback of the AAP into the ring despite his infamous ‘bhagoda’ title. They have come up with exorbitantly appealing agendas like free wifi and reduced prices of water and electricity. While talking to a number of auto-rickshaw drivers, I came to realize AAP’s immense popularity among the common masses. It is evident that people in Delhi are mentally ready to give Arvind Kejriwal a second chance. He has succeeded in attracting unmatched mob during his campaigns. However, it can’t be denied that AAP had failed to fulfill a lot of its similar promises in its previous term of 49 rough days.

 In this struggle for the chair, various issues concerning the voters have sublimed. The voters are still puzzled regarding the detailed plans of various political parties. Various burning issues like ensuring the safety and security of women, meaningful education, smooth traffic and proper housing facilities remain unaddressed. This time, the election is going to be as thrilling as never before. However, being a young citizen myself, I believe that we- the citizens- dream fervently for a safe, dignified and clean city, rather than bothering about the question as to who is the real opportunist.


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