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It is the peak of summer and the end of semester exams for the college students. It is undoubtedly the best time for planning an excursion to a hill station like Simla, Manali etc.Unfortunately around twenty four students who went to Manali i.e almost one hundred thirty miles away from Simla could never return back to their homes.

 All twenty four students were drowned in the Beas river while posing for a group photograph at its banks on the Mandi-Manali national highway near the Hanogi Mata’s mandir. The figure includes six girls as well. The students were from V.N.R Vignana Jyothi Institue of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad. The eye witnesses of the incident reported that while the students posed along the bank, suddenly a 5-6 feets high surge of water came and all the students drowned. The bodies of 5 students have been found by now.

The incident happened due to the negligence of the Largi Hydro Electric Power Project. It opened its floodgates suddenly without giving any warning that is blowing the hooter. A case has been registered against them. The authorities deployed around 550 rescue workers to search for the students and also deployed multi beam echo sounder over a stretch of 15 kilometers from Largi dam to Pardoh dam.

Just a small negligence of power project’s workers results in the death of 24 innocent engineering students. We students sometimes even do not inform our parents and stealthily go for outings with friends. It becomes really important to take note of this incident and never do such mistakes again.

 However, Andhra pradesh’s  CM Chandrababu Naidu has announced ex-gratia compensation to the bereaved families of Rs 500000 and special arrangements have been made to take the parents to the accident spot via air and take their bodies back. Many ministers including Andhra Pradesh’s Home minister and HRD Minister Smriti Irani have visited there. The survivors of the tragedy said that after the incident happened, no direct official help reached them for hours. Similar statements have been given by many locals as well.

 Informing your parents about your whereabouts accurately can even save your life, when in danger. To avoid going on an excursion is no solution to the problem. There is a need to eradicate faults, if any. The cautiousness of the power project’s workers could save many young minds.

A great loss that is!


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