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The Time I Was a Newbie In Delhi

Written by Nidhi Saxena

Like numerous people out there, the pomp of the University of Delhi attracted me to get admitted into it. And so I moved to Delhi imitating the exodus of so many others who settle in the dilwaali Dilli looking for a better job or better education; in my case, of course, education. Stepping right into the medley of rush and hodge-podge from a peaceful small town was the very first brawl I had to face. The roads were broader but greater was the traffic, the lights were brighter but they lugged no magic, the edifices were large, but they were so imposing!

For me it was like change of the worlds; staying away from home, away from those motherly affections and managing pell-mell of everything on my own. And as I was a newbie, I had no friends to really rely upon, who could assist me in running errands and be my guide in the city. I felt almost lost. Not to mention the troubles I had in adjusting with the savours over here, being an extreme case of a gastronome. This actually made me the best patron of the home delivery food services. Then slowly I started to make friends with those who shared this one-of its-kind grief with me. We had similar interests—we hated doing laundry which we had no choices to avoid, cooking for ourselves was perhaps the last thing we would ever do and keeping our dorms clutter free seemed quite a waste of time. You see, the only good thing about times of adversity is that you realize who your real friends are, and in those times I had actually met these people.

Then there was this extreme weather of the capital that got on my nerves. The scorching heat of the summers played so evil that I regarded this phase as the worst time of my life. However a lot of tanning taught me to stay prepared for all the next times and also to be vigilant for the extreme, winters.

Okay, so I was learning to survive in the storm of frenzy with a snail’s speed. The best thing I could do in Delhi was to travel in a metro train without making a fool of myself, while in all other things this was probably happening, I suppose. But I was contented with myself keeping in mind the ‘slow and steady wins the race’ story. I had nearly balanced my life in whatever was going on. The hang-outs with friends, the Delhi-darshan trips, and the exploration of new eateries around, everything that was going on could be termed as cool, or may be nearly cool. But then there was another blow when I realized what I’m actually here for is my tutelage, and this was something I had forgotten. Books were just shifted to the backdrop of all my new experiences. Well, I will have to admit that I came into my senses on this front only after I got the result of the first semester.

So as it had to happen, now I finally have broken that newbie-shell after six months of learning-episodes. Honestly, it took me an entire semester to get the hang of the things happening in this place, to stop being a newbie and to accept that lectures in college are meant to be attended seriously.


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