Threats On Our Environment

Written by Siwangi Ronjan

Environment – the base on which everything on earth is dependent and which we really need to preserve as it is a high time now. The threat on our environment is increasing day by day which is becoming a thing of great concern for our potential environmentalists. The government has imposed several laws to take certain measures in order to conserve our environment but these laws and rules are not making much of a difference because half of the population is either unaware of the consequences or ignorant.

  I have seen people throwing trashes on roads even after a dustbin was placed just ten steps ahead of them. People are not willing to take initiative and as I say this ‘taking initiative’ does not mean joining a NGO or an organization concerned with environment preservation but it means improving things on personal level. If we start taking care of things at our home then even if it will be a small step towards a big building but it will make a difference slowly and steadily.

 Recently environmentalists have shown great concern to the increasing population around the world. According to them , if the same rate continues then there will come a time when our earth will run out of resources, people will starve and there won’t be enough space left on earth to accommodate the lives. Talking about space , if we look at this factor keenly then we are running out of space even now that is why we are not left with any other option than cutting agricultural land and establishing buildings over there so that people don’t wander homeless and without any shelter.

  The other factor of concern is water. We students have always been made aware of this factor. My friends from environmental studies class used to tell me that there are even chances in coming future that people will fight over water. I don’t know how much this statement holds the truth as it was just mere rumors spread by some overenthusiastic teenagers and even I don’t believe this statement but there is no saying that decreasing groundwater level is definitely threatening and I would like to bring this issue to light that the place where I live; there the groundwater level during summer season goes so low that we are sometimes forced to buy water in order to carry out our day to day work.

  So, we really need to take certain measures now to make no matter little but some improvements otherwise our constant negligence may add fuel to the destruction of the world which we certainly don’t want to happen.


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