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Things I Wish My Seniors Had Told Me

things i wish my seniors had told

My first day in NSIT was quite absurd. The lush green and huge campus not withstanding, I felt very lost in the college. I had absolutely no idea about what there was in the campus; I was absolutely clueless about everything in the college. I started to think that I am stuck in a maze. Though I am a Delhiite, still Dwarka was no familiar a territory for me. So I had no prior knowledge of the cool hangout places near my campus. I wonder what the students from outside of Delhi felt during those initial days when I being a Delhiite was not feeling too good about the college.
But thankfully, the above mentioned experience didn’t last for long and the college seniors decided to bless us with some very useful tips, information, and facts and so on about the college. The seniors interacted with us when they came to the classes to discuss about the fresher’s party. They told us about some specific teachers like who is strict who’s not. They answered our questions regarding practical’s and told about their marks in the first semester, discussed attendance issues etc. Apart from that, the interactions with the seniors during the orientation of the societies was good, where the usual discussion was regarding what each society is all about and how does one become a part of it. The most funfilled part of this interaction was that the seniors indirectly encouraged the juniors for mass bunks, which gave us a great deal of freedom as we had just come out of school where attending all classes was a compulsion. I still very fondly remember our first mass bunk. What a feeling it was!!
Though the information shared by the seniors was gold dust for the freshers, but now I feel there was a lot more they could have shared with us. Firstly, the seniors could have been a bit more informal with freshers; I sometimes just felt that things were a little too formal. The most important thing that the seniors should have told us was that how difficult and troublesome it is to deal with admin authorities when you have to get some work done. At times, I felt as if giving semester exams was easier than getting the work done. Secondly, the seniors should have given us a sound advice regarding the midsems. Many of us were hit very hard by seeing the answer sheets of midsems. Thirdly, the seniors didn’t really give a true picture of how the labs are conducted and how difficult it becomes to manage the physics experiment file. One thing that I realised was that the atmosphere in the college became school like quiet often. Completing files was one of the most irritating things to do. Hopefully, someone should have informed me about it.
I, as a day scholar, often felt that I missed out on a valuable experience in the form of hostel life. I was very disappointed that no hosteller senior shared his experience of living in the hostel. If someone had shared his experience maybe I would be prompted to take the hostel. Last but not the least, I think the seniors could have given some sound advice about how to explore the college as much as possible in a candid conversation with any fresher. For many freshers, the first year was like just having fun with friends all the time and not doing anything in the extra-curricular.
Everything said and done, I am deeply thankful to the seniors who guided me during the first year and gave me advice whenever I contacted them. I would like to end by saying that what my first year in college taught me was that experience is the best teacher. No matter what anyone tells about anything, until and unless you do that yourself you don’t have its complete knowledge.


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