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Things Only Football Fans Can Relate To

brazil-fifa-world-cup-2014-Things only football fans can relate to
Written by Madhur Khetrapal

Football fever is rising high right with the FIFA World Cup’14 going on; following are some things only football fans will understand.

1. Sleep all day, watch FIFA all night: The world cup could not have started at a better time. As everyone is on summer break, it allows devoting all the time to watch the matches live. All fans have happily reversed their sleeping schedule.

2. ‘Nothing can replace my FIFA World Cup time: The FIFA World Cup has such ardent supporters that they would change any other plans of meeting friends into a plan to watch the match instead.

3. Jersey time! This is the time when you will spot people on the road sporting Jerseys of their favourite team without any qualms.
4. ‘Did you watch the match last night?’ is the opening line to most conversations during this time. If you are one of those who do not follow football, then you will find yourself dosing off in the middle of the conversation.

5. “Start the match already”: The time spent waiting for the match to start, leaves viewers impatient and anxious to know what will happen. Commentaries made during this time on sports channels are pointless as no one seems to be interested in their remarks, only for the stadium to come in view.

6. Every second counts: Half time is utilised to go and grab that snack viewers have been craving for, or rush to the washroom as their eyes cannot leave the screen while the match is on.


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Madhur Khetrapal

I am a philosophy student at Miranda House. Reading, writing and drawing take up most of my time. I am a music junkie and I thoroughly enjoy traveling. As much as I like being around people, I am someone who really cherishes my alone time.

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