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THE TEMPEST- A corporate extravaganza – By SSCBS

Written by DU Khabar

Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (University of Delhi) has been a pioneer in undergraduate management education since 1987. In 2009, a group of passionate, ambitious students from this college came together to ideate about a learning summit, the likes of which had never been experienced before- The Summit of Olympus. Organised in association with the Dean of Students’ welfare, University of Delhi, the event was an unprecedented success. It was the first association of its kind.

Since then, team Synergy, the Corporate Society of S.S.C.B.S., hasn’t looked back.

In collaboration with companies like Chevrolet, IBM, Apple, MTV, Outlook etc., the society has envisioned radical themes and methodology every year to redefine ‘learning while doing’, breaking away from the hackneyed conventions of business summits.

 As an enterprising team of creatively-inclined students, it explores a new concept every year, and builds its events based on novel ideas. Unconventionality is its forté. For them, boundaries do not exist, as long as there is a drive to become better than before. The outcomes of their endless pursuit of excellence are the events: D’Apprentice (2011), Adelanto (2012), D’Apprentice National (2013), Empezar (2014) and The Corridors of Vice (2015). The Corridors of Vice incorporated the seven cardinal sins of Christianity in a business setting to test their managerial and decision-making skills, and was a hugely successful event, seeing the participation of over 10,000 students.

In 2016, Synergy has rolled on with a new innovative idea. This year’s corporate extravaganza, The Tempest, is all about business wars. The event’s theme revolves around the idea of business and war, in an attempt to acquaint participants with the intricacies of strife and conflict in the corporate world. It seeks to test the participants’ corporate acumen and impart business sense and learning in a unique, hands-on manner. Through the medium of interactive sessions and tasks, this event will test the strategizing ability, crisis and conflict management skills, and administrative competence of the participants.

 The finale of the event will be open to the top 120 applicants after a rigorous selection process. It will be held from 10th-12th February 2016 at the North Campus Conference Centre, University of Delhi. They get to compete for cash prizes, scholarships, merchandise, discount coupons and internships. More than that, however, they get to return as individuals who are confident, competent, and forces to be reckoned with in the corporate world.


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