‘The Road Not Taken’: Manoeuvring Young Minds.

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Written by Damini Sharma

There are times when the road ahead is clear, and at times it’s foggy as well. Coaching helps set goals you really want to achieve, by distinguishing between your potential, your aptitude, and your interest. When you dream of something you actually want – you are more likely to take action to achieve it. A well charted plan is therefore, the need of the day and this brings us to one of the most important advantages of enrolling to a coaching class. These centres offer a range of academic and non-academic services to students. They also include help in school admission, lodging and boarding, and as well as counselling.

 I believe that the regular never makes you extra ordinary. Coaching centres help you discover and hone your own abilities so as to make you fly at the highest sky. They provide relevant exam-oriented suggestions, notes and hand-outs which help students to utilise their time optimally. Exams such as CAT undergo frequent pattern change, sometimes as frequent as every year, so under such circumstances, studying under the aegis of experienced and expertise is the best option.

 Classroom learning has also now evolved efficiently, thanks to the technology. The blooming ‘practical’ way of teaching via smart boards in schools and other institutions has led to a significant hike in the fees of such coaching classes. In addition to it, sending kids for tutorials since an early age harnesses the mental growth of children. These days getting enrolled in tuition classes is the norm which is followed widely.

I vehemently oppose such norms and ideals, which separate the child from his childhood. The exhaustive competition of scoring good marks in school exams, college exams has kept the kids away from where their passion. It could be dancing, painting, sports and much more. The excessive pressure from peers, parents and from oneself has increased the burden on the young minds manifold. What escapes me is that why parents in India are against their own child who adroit in non-academic genres and the rationale behind their opposition is naive to me. I am not doubtful of the worth of academics and its effective outcomes in enhancing the prestige and personality development. Different is good.

The rapid growing trend of coaching classes has sapped children away of their myriad imaginations, and from discovering their own path in life. Academics is essential because it nurtures one’s personality, educates them to stand their ground with different people groomed in varied social, geographical and economical spheres. In addition to it, academics will always remain a great back-up for all those aspirants who fail in concourse of the conquest of their dreams due to unforeseen circumstances.

A job driven by passion is always done meticulously and the outcomes are there to see: Sachin Tendulkar won’t have been a household name if he would have followed his father’s footsteps to choose writing as his profession, same goes for Amitabh Bachchan, and all other people who have left a mark in history, and more shall follow who listen to their heart’s desires, and work hard to achieve it.

So here I urge you all to open up your hearts to all the possibilities in the world, just follow those and make it BIG in life. In Chetan Bhagat’s words:

“Don’t take life seriously, life is not meant to be serious it’s rather temporary. There is no point of getting your promotion on the day of your break-up. There is no happiness in driving a car if your back aches and so on…..hence, spend money on things you love (don’t keep it saving for the future which is not even sure to come to us), bunk a few classes , play pranks on your friends and much more….”

The man whom I have quoted above reflects my thoughts pretty impeccably. An IIT graduate and IIM alumni went to Hong Kong to work in a bank and earn prosperity, and realised that this job was not ‘him’. He got fired from the job, returned to India and to finally where his heart lies: writing.

I will sum it up by giving you all a piece of advice, “Choose the job where your heart lies and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”.


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I'm a first year student of economics honors in DU and a sports enthusiast. I'm a bit reserved when it comes to being expressive verbally but love connecting to people through my work..say working in a media house like DUK;)

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