The Everyday Disaster

everyday disaster DU Khabar
Written by Sujit Pramanik

The greatest trauma exists for a woman in a day to day life, things which can’t be unseen. It revolves around them as the bulk of things that keep increasing in the name of rituals and tradition. It is seen that women are treated the same way that they were used to be treated before pre-independence. Are they the yoke of common society that have to look after each and everything and then forced to be responsible for it?

It is easy to say that we give women a particular place that they always deserve for. But is it so? The real and darkest secret is revealed every day as they still treated as scrap over men. Is our mental capacity still dragging us to go beneath our thinking level?

My dad and I went to one of his friend’s house. I saw a girl who had to bring water, snacks for us, as we turned up to their house.  Is it that girl’s fault? She was busy with her books when she was called up and then made to carry a full bowl of biscuits in a tray and few cups of tea to welcome us. All the while, there was a boy busy watching television and chatting. He seemed to be something around the age of 17. I felt pity for that girl who was disturbed just because of the traditions that are carried from our ancient times.  

The darkest and weirdest side is the daily increment of sexual abuse, acid attack rapes, eve-teasing happening all around us.  Few years back in 2005, a girl Laxmi faced such a brutality when an acquaintance threw acid on her face while she waited at a bus stop in New Delhi’s busy Khan Market disfiguring her permanently. Her attacker was her friend’s 32 year old brother who got angry after she refused to respond to his romantic advances. Many acid attack victims never return to normal life and they often go to great lengths to hide their disfigurement, many forgo education or employment rather than appear in public

It is not the media or a law that can control it. There have been articles, blogs, journals against the evil deeds but every time it is useless. We say every time that our country is free but it is very important to make a society community, small town or city free from the evil eyes and mind first than to think about the country.


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Sujit Pramanik

Sujit Pramanik , a Second year B.Com Student at Satyawati College(M), Delhi University. Sujit is a passionate and believes to live his life with fullest. According to him “distractions should be dumped to rise above all levels”. He loves to compose poems. He wrote lot many articles and a story book which is due to get published. He enjoys journey and make trips whenever he feels like, apart from being addicted to music

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