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Written by Sunidhi Sharma

FRIENDSHIP DAY i.e. the first Sunday of August. The day when nearly all the young people around the globe indulge in a joyous celebration of friendship. It might be the case that our way of celebrating has changed but the day still remains a major event on our calendar. It’s the day when any friend you have- old or new, hot or cool, geeky or freaky, texts to wish you. It may even be the day we realise how much we and our friends have changed over time. Whether you live in India or elsewhere, the phenomenon is the same.
So on this day we have tried to list six epic friendships from TV and books that have affected our generation in one or other way:

1. Everyone in FRIENDS
The title of the show says it all. The story is of five friends trying to make best of it in NYC. It’s the best setup to show how funny, frustrating and loving friends can be. While watching the show at one point or another we might have even tried relating ourselves with one of the characters.

2. Serena and Blair in GOSSIP GIRL
They aren’t exactly the greatest duo. Throughout the show, they had their ups and downs but their friendship endured it all. They have shown us that however rough the times may be if we have our friends, they can be bearable.

3. Ron, Harry and Hermione in HARRY POTTER SERIES
I don’t think I need to explain this. The books themselves have been a phenomenon for our whole generation. Nearly every book of the series is about how Harry saves the day with help from Ron and Hermione. The books have other best friendships too- the Marauders, Fred and George and more.

4. Dean and Sam Winchester in SUPERNATURAL
Brother Goals? YES! Friendship Goals? That too. The two are a perfect example of how siblings can be our best friends too. No matter how different their opinions are, at the end of the day, they’re always there for each other. And the best part? Actors playing the roles are best friends too.
5. Sherlock Holmes & John Watson in SHERLOCK
They’re polar opposites and don’t agree much. Their friendship can even be called dysfunctional but they are the perfect example to show that you don’t need to be alike to be friends.

6. Spongebob and Patrick in SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS
Belonging to different species didn’t stop this pair from forming a beautiful friendship under the sea. Yet another example of how out different natures don’t restrict us from being friends.


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