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The Annual Economics Conclave – SGTB Khalsa

Ecotryst - SGTB Khalsa
Written by DU Khabar

October 28, 10 a.m. – The Annual Economics Conclave yet to begin. 10 minutes before the commencing time, in the vicinity of the college auditorium of SGTB Khalsa, crowds became organized from scatter, people in formals started to cluster up the masses into the hall. A stage became such where lights stopped stuttering, becoming rays; everything was in place – the party was a wink ahead.

                Ecotryst, the economics society of the college, expresses with earnest gratitude to each one present at the conclave that the event they long toiled for ended up helping students make a leap to the next question in their intellectual conquest while enabled speakers to find the right pedestal of respect for their insights. A panel of five speakers celebrated in various fields of academic and practical economics, gathered to group their thoughts on the topic, ‘Global Economic Scenario: Lessons and Opportunities for India’.

                The gathering witnessed unexpectedly diverse tributaries of the main issue. Dr, Sunil Kanwar took up the issue of IPRs and their manipulation to incentivise growth. Dr. Madhu Vij and Ms. Bidisha Ganguly touched upon the problem of systemic failures in the global community adding to which Ms. Ganguly explicated the rising opportunities out of the contemporary events of substance. Mr. Asit Singh targeted sustainable growth through enabling jobs within the common masses, while Mr. Kashyap Deorah created a bonanza out of his enthusiastic interaction with students on the bonds of start-ups and well tapped online industry in current times. Finally, the Principal of the college, Dr. Jaswinder Singh clustered up the points presented until then and embellished them with real-life examples.

                Ecotryst, with as much words they can find, thank each one with a contribution towards the event – from everyone who was a humble student to the speakers, to each person who worked from when the curtains lifted to when they fell.  


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