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Written by Ayushi Golwara

LADY SHRI RAM COLLEGE, being one of the finest institutions for social sciences, Humanities and commerce in India is known for its academic excellence , social service and beauty in its everything.
Here, I will give some points to which only an ELSA (The students of LSR are known as) can relate to:

Lady Shri Ram College (LSR)

1) College is not about fun. Its only about projects, assignments and more and more assignments. Repeat
When you’re in LSR, you know the real meaning of college which is 95 % (may be more) “study and study” and 5% fun (if possible).
Despite this, “The Magic of LSR” cannot be underestimated which is known to every LSR students.


2) Its not the canteen in LSR,It’s called the CAFÉ!
At some point of time in your college life at LSR, You’ve corrected someone saying that it’s the LSR Café! Do not call it a canteen.

3) Your main aim in life is to explain the ‘TRUE’ Meaning of FEMINISM!
Feminism runs in the arteries and veins of LSR and they take pride in being one!

LSR girls

4) We at LSR believe in “style” and not fashion!

Right from the day of our orientation,we are taught to believe in style and not fashion because style says “here I am”! At LSR, women are made independent and beautiful. Remember, it’s a college for women and not girls.

after point 4

5) No matter what other college of du are doing, LSR always has different path to take, we Celebrate everything in the “LSR way”. Our individuality is always maintained.lady shri ram college girls

6) Trees are LSR’s integral part with LSR being one of the greenest campuses of DU.

We do not have AC’s because we like the heat here at LSR. LSR is a very environment conscious college with its students actively participating in various community programs..
Also, LSR most adorable lawns serve as the “SELFIE GARDEN” 😛

LSR garden

7) Here, the teachers are not referred with ma’am and blah, blah but we use cool initials like KM, MG, PB etc. etc.

8) The sevpuri wala bhaiya outside the LSR gate is the quickest food bite available.

9) You tried out every new style trend for your college friends first—if it worked for them, it was bound to work for the rest of the world. After all, who dresses for men??

LSR CollegeLady shri ram college

10) Last but not the least,the most interesting facts about LSR:
# IDs are extremely valuable.
# You can lose your wallet but not your Identity cards.


# You’ve been asked extra passes for fest “TARANG”
# You know you are in problem if your attendance is short because its LSR and not any other college of DU (REMEMBER PROXY IS A CRIME IN LSR)


About the author

Ayushi Golwara

I am currently pursing Political Science (H) from LSR, 1st year. I am the kind of girl who loves to know new people and things around. I am deeply passionate about my interests which ranges from politics to happenings all over. I am an extrovert kind of a girl who really can’t confine herself in boundaries. I have always wanted to serve the socially disadvantaged sections of society and is also current the part of two NGOs. Apart from this, being a feminist I want to take a stand for women in society in future.
My favourite pass times is music which according to me is safe kind of high.

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