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Tempest: Shades of Green

Written by Namgyal Angmo

Miranda House, the archetype women educational institute known for its Imperial architectural style with a glorious merit profile is all set to throw colours with the grand, annual fest ,i.e Tempest .The event with its exuberance and grandiosity is the centre of attraction among the fests of Delhi University. As the name itself carries a fusion of refreshing catharsis , it will literally carry a vibrant combination of cultural, ethnical, rock, sports, dramatical performances along with lip-smacking eating varieties .The fresh blossom and its fragrance adding colour in the carnivalesque atmosphere living one enthralled with a feel of spring festival. Mirandians will leave no stone unturned to let one enjoy and take the best infotainment.

If we wonder about the nomenclature of the event, it rolls back to the allusion of famous Shakesperian play ,the tempest. The name was also kept in accordance with its elegant protagonist, Miranda as the founder of the college, Sir Maurice Gwyer’s daughter was also called Miranda. He was the then VC of Delhi University. Therefore this name can be considered as the token of love and respect to his daughter being a women’s institute. There might be other lesson but the given one suffices the curious minds.

Tempest in 2013 was celebrated with much fun and gaiety where most of the colleges of the DU took part and “Coke” majorly sponsored it. The participation not only limited to DU colleges but other universities also and many other companies took part by instantly their stalls. Like every year, a star attraction is invited, so last year “Shilpa Rao” was invited to add melody with her enchanting voice. As for this year, I need not mention his name, the clue is that the songs of Ashiqui-2 are sung by him. I hope you all got about whom I am confabulating about.

The title of this article expresses the underlined theme of the fest but to keep the suspense, further details need not be jotted down. Four major companies have signed up for sponsoring the event beside giving the handmade art an equal opportunity.20th of February will mark its commencement by having intra- college performances or competition, next two days would be full of pomp and show. Many other surprises awaits all the folks aspiring to be a part of it.

I anticipate all the planners must be highlighted by now with cancellation or formats on the 21st and 22nd . The cool hunks would be surely grabbing the golden opportunity to explore the enshrined beauties with brains of Miranda.The guys can actually cross the ‘no boys zone’ border on these two special days. Preparation are at full pace to let all get carried away with the fiesta called tempest.


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