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Is Technology Thrashing The Livelihood?

Written by DU Khabar

“A ride by rickshaw is existing and expensive now.”

“As the technology is upgraded, life of many obsolete users is getting extinct.”

It can be seen and felt. Rickshaw pullers who is next giant after Auto-rickshaws travelling for a shorter distance and near by areas are now seen as without passengers waiting for their turn to get loaded by passengers, but still they don’t get hold of it.

If we talk of Delhi rickshaw pullers. They really have tough time and luck these days. They are threatened by none other than the “e-rickshaw users”.

The biggest advantage for the users of e-rickshaws is that it is cost efficient and you can reach the last destination of that particular e-rickshaw with just 10 bucks in your pocket. Not so long ago, when the battery rickshaws hit the roads of Delhi, people said that it has so many weak points that it won’t able to survive in the market. But, it has proved all those predictions wrong by emerging as a winner. At present, a mass number of people travel by it. In fact, people who were earlier saying that e-rickshaw business has no scope in it are entering into this business and have become battery rickshaw supplier in Delhi.

It has just given a negative impact to ‘auto-rickshaws’ and the normal ‘rickshaws’. Lot many passengers look for ‘battery rickshaw’ than to travel by other mode of transport which is extra expensive.

I came to know the reality when I had few words exchanged with the victims of ‘e-rickshaw’.

While returning from Kamla Nagar, I didn’t find any of the e-rickshaws as a result I took rickshaw and asked him to take me to GTB Nagar. He said me 30 bucks, that pinched me lot. I asked him for 20 bucks after many if’s and but’s. He was ready. He suddenly rose his voice and said “this battery rickshaws has debilitate him and his pockets”. He was in tension and was in pain that can be seen by the way he expressed his problem. He was not happy with it, He was thinking to switch on to these e-rickshaws. “I felt pity on those rickshaw pullers who cannot afford to buy and most of the times in the presence of battery rickshaws they find themselves in their respective spots with no movements for a long time, as passengers don’t choose them many of the times” I agreed to the facts told by him.

But if the present scenario is seen e-rickshaws has got long way to go. It is increasing in numbers and many like to complete their destination with it.

Let us look at some points why it is getting stronger by stronger..

  • Battery rickshaw is undoubtedly a boon for lower income group people who won’t able to get a well paying job. E-rickshaw has helped many people to fulfill need of their families as it is good source of income
  • People have understood its importance therefore not only men but women are also driving e-rickshaw nowadays. In fact, recently, Delhi got its first woman e-rickshaw driver. Clearly, e-rickshaw has become a great tool of women empowerment , with no efforts of stamina they can easily handle it.

It is for sure one day Rickshaw pullers in Delhi have to think for the alternatives, otherwise they could not find themselves in the picture of earning.


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