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Is Technology Really Helping the Women of Our Country?

India's first mobile app for women security Du khabar
Written by Sidhi Walia

Crimes against women have become more and more callous in recent years. The brutal rape that took place last December has shook the entire nation. The Nirbhaya case, that completed its one year today (16th December 2012) raised high concerns among Indians. Although, a number of rapes happen in our country everyday but this case has become the sole reason why people are so concerned about women’s safety.Therefore technology offers some solutions for the current troubled times. The various applications are being launched which include : fightback,circle of 6 , be safe , panic me and many more . These are the free safety alarms that will alert the friends and family in an emergency situation by just one click on the application and this will send SMS , E mail and interactive voice response calls to all your emergency contacts so that they can come into immediate action for your safety . To make this application successful developers have worked along with the police forces to make girls feel safer, but are women feeling really safe with these applications in their mobile phones? With coming of these new safety applications the key questions, which are being raised in almost every girl’s mind, are what if I am in a no network area? What if a woman doesn’t have a smartphone?Does that mean she is not safe ? What if woman’s relatives don’t know the know-how of the technology?

Can mere applications take charge of women safety after loosing all their hopes from Delhi police. A Delhi university student PrithaGhosh when asked about women safety in Delhi through applications said, “ I don’t know how well it will work because if the incident has to happen it will not wait for the relatives to come on the location send by the GPRS”.

Another DU student Divya Singh positively said : “I have already installed the safety applications and I hope they would turn out to be an instrument of change in the current situation”

At least girls have a bit of contentment in their hearts that first initiative to their safety has been taken and it is hoped that other such initiatives will clean the image of Delhi as a rape city of India and India as the rape capital of the world, one day.
Being a girl myself, it would not be wrong to say, “At least something is better than nothing”.



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