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Technature Priyanka bansal DU Khabar
Written by Priyanka Bansal

Nothing same as the past
The world is moving so fast,
Everyday is a brand new present
Where there’s no space for the nescient.
This is the essence of science and technology
Now let us elucidate this terminology
The difference between the world we live in and the world we perceive,
Is the real thought to conceive.
Science is the soul of our existence
Whose facts are developed after great perseverance
Its there for people who are busy
& for those who live easy
A child seems to be more comfortable with a laptop,
To talk to a friend far away on hilltop
Gaming is their favorite passtime
Messaging is what they can do throughout their lifetime.
For own simplification
There’s always space fo modification.
Technology is the infant of science
Which includes the toil of genius minds
Till now, we had cars moving on roads
But the day’s not far when its meaning gets broad
The flying car Terrafugia Transition
Which was till now just an imagination
One day if wind doesn’t blow
We can still let our faces glow
Coz ACs are there to serve
Hence proved that technology can get through any curve
We are always glued to whatsapp, FB or twitter
Which are served to us like bread and butter
All this gives us so much pleasure
Suppose one day if we lose this leisure
It’ll be hard time to believe for our eyes
That we are near the ultimate demise
Remember, if we exploit the nature
Then we are just miniature !!!


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