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Written by Damini Sharma

“I guess my life is an open book, anyone can have a look …’cause this is just me…..People come and people go….” are the chants of a popular ad, which has left nearly no space between personal and private life. In today’s era people have that dogged adherence to seize a peek at their phones as soon as the eyes open to a new day and to even bid adieu to it when the day passes by, and therefore handling the title of the “Best Beloved ” to their inseparable electronic gadgets.

It’s implicit that there is a need to connect, to express oneself as we all constitute to “one big family” but I would love to quote Sir Albert Einstein to make the picture clear :“I’m afraid of the day when socialisation over electronic media would surpass human communication” and his fears today are justified ; his prophesy true to each word.

Technology has substantially contributed towards the welfare of people and their prosperity cognitively but at the same time has created bastions among humans in the neighbourhood. Wouldn’t it be a social calamity  if the next door neighbours remain naive to each other’s existence , when not too long ago people even used to befriend the next door’s distant relatives!!?!

I also firmly believe that ‘earlier’ people used to pay heed to what the elders say, and bask in their evergreen experiences from the ‘good old days’ but now Bear Grylls does it all and does it like no one can, Google solves all the queries showcasing nearly 3000 results in just 0.25 seconds along with YouTube demonstrating all the experiments thereby, effectively encouraging students to sleep for another 30 good minutes in the morning.

I wish to share my experience to draw to light the progress of technology at the behest of moral values and humility. “One of my studious and sincerely dedicated classmate kept all his notes completed till the last full stop, while others engaged their attentions most profitably by catching on to gossip, and so on. As exams approached the class felt in dearth of those notes which were definitely handy. We might have had hardly cribbed and felt sorry for our indiscipline and carelessness throughout the semester, when one among us went to the ‘geek guy’, and borrowed his notes promising to return them in 20 minutes and hurried straight away to the nearest Cyber Cafe, and worked hard to scan, convert to PDF, and mail to the rest of the class the entire class”

Phew! Technology saved us? Didn’t it? But if truth be told, the answer is a big NO as the action pampered our laid back attitude in life. The need of the hour is to draw people in towards each other in colleges, offices so as to ensure that while sitting in the cab on the way they don’t keep incessantly texting their friends and acquaintances, liking their pictures on face book, sharing theirs too, following people on twitter and retweeting their tweets all the time instead of trying to bridge the gap with the colleague sitting next to them. I am not against socialising with friends but I would like to state that: God is not there on face book but he is still my friend. He is not there on twitter but I still follow him.

Technology is impregnable; it’s very useful and has elevated the lives of one and all, be it directly or indirectly. Gone are the days when one stood in long queues for railway tickets, for passport services spent months in futile effort, waited tirelessly at bus stops (before the advent of metros), fetched money to watch movies (at a risk of getting looted if it was a bore, without the leisure of having quick movie reviews online at the day of its release) and so much more available at a touch.

It’s a well known fact that mobile towers stationed in residential areas have led to the endangerment of sparrows in Delhi , their radiations distracts the honey bees and keeps them away from their abodes, usage of gadgets over prolonged hours weakens the eyesight, the radiation also damages several delicate parts of the body(like ovary) and creates hormonal imbalance. Bereft of all these medical and scientific ailments and mishaps, one shortcoming which can’t be jotted in the report is the fact that technology has secluded people from one another living under the same roof, has made a joke out of the delicate relationships by taping it and selling it in the market like hot cakes and other crimes of this sort…thereby, encouraging humans to be less humane!!!


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Damini Sharma

I'm a first year student of economics honors in DU and a sports enthusiast. I'm a bit reserved when it comes to being expressive verbally but love connecting to people through my work..say working in a media house like DUK;)

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