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Tarang – The Annual Cultural Fest of Lady Shri Ram College

Written by Ayushi Golwara

The lane down my college was a carpet of rainbow,
The girls were exulting, raving and running,
Bemused I stood in the mods of the rendezvous,
The searing joy was exulting and stunning.
The charm broke my lips into a smile,
As I noticed our ‘ladies’ checking tipsy guys getting cunning,
It was then I realized the reason for this euphoria,
For I joined the Rendezvous to call out “HOLD ON GUYS, TARANG IS COMING”

A new year,2015 ushers in new hopes, aspirations and desires. One thing always remains constant – the much anticipated college fests. No college in Delhi University makes a compromise when it comes to making their annual festival a success, so much so that the preparations for the same always begin a lot before the colleges actually re-open post the winter break.

TARANG, is the annual cultural festival of Lady Shri Ram College. Held every year it is one of the most eagerly awaited festivals of Delhi University. Dedicated to the celebration of creativity, it is a stimulating event brimming with youthful dynamism. TARANG brings together the best student talent from across the country in fields of music, dance, dramatics, debating, fine arts, quiz, films, photography and other areas of art and culture.

TARANG transforms the campus into a veritable kaleidoscope of people who not only compete in various events but also enjoy informal events, competitions, band performances, discussions and film screenings that are spread over three days. TARANG also incorporates a food festival, an amalgam of various cuisines and snack brands which is undoubtedly the prime attraction at the festival.

TARANG as well as a host of new informal events such as THE TREASURE HUNT, STREET DANCE, DRAMARAMA, CONFESSIONS OF A TATTOO, etc to provide more variety and cater to the interests of one and all.

TARANG, 2012
The first day’s highlight would be a ‘battle of the bands’; the second day- a standup comedy show; and the culmination of the 3-day event would be with a DJ Night. With a host of competitive events covering almost all fields one can think of- from music, dance, public speaking, creative writing, fine arts, dramatics, quiz, film and photography, .. Also, it is the only chance for boys to get inside LSR who is also known for having the prettiest and also the smartest females of Delhi.

TARANG, 2015

TARANG, 2015

Tarang, LSR’s annual cultural fest, is an amalgamation of youth and beauty interwoven with creative talents and ideas through different modes of expression… This academic year, Tarang will warm up the winters on the 16th, 17th and 18th of January, 2015 with a promising lineup of events to kickstart the fest season in the University of Delhi.

Tanya nagar, who is pursuing Political Science (H) from LSR, says, “I expect all the three days of Tarang to be fun-filled and full of energy. People should enjoy the vast cultural plethora that our fest presents. ”

Ojjoswitasree, who is currently the treasurer of NCC, talks about Tarang in an over enthusiastic way. She says “As it is going to be my first tarang I really have high expectations. Mere thought of DJ night raises my adrenaline level. Also, I expect the Hindi debate which I am organizing to bring great exposure.”

 Similarly, the Foodfest will be a reflection of the myriad cuisines that exist in our vicinities and are increasingly accessible through social media. Research has also shown us that a well fed student performs better in both academics and extra-curricular activities!
The informals are yet another space for innovation and invites participation from one and all. Last but not the least, Tarang’15 reveals big names such as RAGHU DIXIT, DJ NUCLEYA and ZAEDEN. This is the first fest of the season which nobody wishes to miss.


About the author

Ayushi Golwara

I am currently pursing Political Science (H) from LSR, 1st year. I am the kind of girl who loves to know new people and things around. I am deeply passionate about my interests which ranges from politics to happenings all over. I am an extrovert kind of a girl who really can’t confine herself in boundaries. I have always wanted to serve the socially disadvantaged sections of society and is also current the part of two NGOs. Apart from this, being a feminist I want to take a stand for women in society in future.
My favourite pass times is music which according to me is safe kind of high.

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