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Symphony – The Annual Cultural Festival – Janki Devi memorial college

Symphony - The Annual Cultural Festival - Janki Devi memorial college
Written by Mukul Bansal

Symphony, the annual cultural festival of Janki Devi memorial college kickstarted with a bang on 10th of January 2018. The festival started with the inaugural ceremony. The Chief guest, Vidya Rao and the Guest of honour Pandit Abhay Rustum Sopuri were warmly welcomed and they enlightened the students with their speech on the importance of education and culture. The lamp for auspiciousness was lit by the college Principal declaring the inauguration of the annual fest. The three days fest had 25 events that were to take place, including Munadi the annual Street play competition which was the highlight of the  Day one. Day two was a day of beautiful amalgamation of 13 power packed events going on side by side and yet they unanimously served the magnificent platter of Symphony’18. Various competitions like Jabberwocky, Business plan, Let’s Dance, The Quiz show, Ragini, Paper Mania, Footloose and many more, brought the finest talents imbibed by the young artists to the forefront. The day was filled with amazing performances and the excitement of the results in every event kept the attention of the audiences gripping. Too many teams, too many eliminations and the audience couldn’t just keep calm. All in all, within these competitions, performances and the get together there was beauty in the madness.

Day 3 took off from the same peak, right where day 2 left

A plethora of crazy variety of events and a rock show proved that nothing else could have been better to conclude the ravaging fest that symphony was.

With more than 50 teams competing and showcasing their talents, symphony day 3 was a bang!

Loads of Shakespeare, loads of dance, colourful rangolis and music events to put you in a trance. True to the name, the fest felt like a symphony of talent and passion that flows in the veins of these performers.

The fest started in full zest and the energy only grew towards the end. The three-day extravaganza finally came to an end with a powerful rock show which was a star studded event with performers like *Astitva the band* and *dj A Sen* and *dj revoic*.  The audience had a great time dancing to the songs and the EDM beats.  . Thus the fest closed with the most awaited event, the rock show and it was absolutely worth the wait. With thousands tapping their foot and singing along, the conclusion to this fest was a fulfilling reward. Symphony 2018  was a huge success which truly held its Essence in accordance with its name


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