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SVESTRAN 2k15 – Vivekananda College’s Commerce Fest

Written by DU Khabar

Department of Commerce
Vivekananda College

The Department of Commerce, Vivekananda College will be conducting its Annual Inter College Fest “SVESTRAN 2015” on February 25, 2015 (Wednesday). As the name “SVESTRAN” suggests optimism, enthusiasm, versatility and unlimited fun for the participants, it at the same time aims to ensure to inculcate competitive spirit in the participants. One of the main objectives is to highlight the diversity of existing education setup, its prominence, and most important of all youth’s integral and dynamic role within the society.
Lined up for a one day are core events like

• Short movie
The art of presenting a factual report through a sequence of images involving interviews with the people involved in real events is much appreciated. This event gives a chance to those souls who want to bring to the table facts on the subjects through the medium of a documentary.

• Debate
Are you Arnab Goswami in the making? Do you love proving your point?

Then debate is the event for you. Here is the right platform to engage in arguments by discussing opposing points as well as defending and attacking the propositions that are put forward.

• B-Quizzed
Since ages we have tested knowledge to choose the wisest among us all. Once again, a platform is set to get to the root of this question. With rounds set to test knowledge of the students on a variety of topics the competition is surely going to help us reach a conclusion.

• Business plan
The idea behind the event is to put the future strategist and their creativity to test. Through this event we would like to give a platform to new and exciting business ideas amongst the students who have the potential to make it big.

• Vasatail retail
Bring the product which has the heart of innovation, a spine of strength, a hand to convince and feet to flourish. Let your hand hold the best product, your mouth deliver the originality in your ad and your mind explain the most innovative marketing scheme. Because here Innovation is the winner!!

• Poster Designing
Attractive cash prizes to be won. So pull out your boxing gloves and get ready for the royal rumble. You don’t want to miss out on this.

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