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Survival Guide For a Foodie Outstationer

Written by Nidhi Saxena

If you can live without anything, but food; if you spend most of your time eating or thinking of eating; if you have that gourmet instinct; and if, with all these abilities, you are stuck somewhere away from your comfy hometown, then undoubtedly, you are a ‘foodie outstationer’. If this term is relatable to you, you would also understand those foodie-pangs that beset you unendingly. In fact, I myself am not strange to these emotions, being one ‘foodie outstationer’ myself. So, let me share my story with you on this very front, maybe, this may turn out to be your survival guide!

So, that fine day I had landed in Delhi with lots of mom-made edibles. I was quite reluctant to bring that along as I was interested to eat food in this new city. However, very soon I was hit by the bitter truth that my tongue was not satiated with the new kind of food. I had become so very nostalgic of those flavours only my mom could introduce and the kinds of foods only my hometown could offer. My state was exactly the same as was of Harry and his friends when they had visited Mr. Lovegood and had to have the tea he offered.

Cooking has never been my cup of tea, so I decided to feed myself by a tiffin service. And as you people might be very well aware that this food and that in the mess of hostels is damn insipid. I was extremely disappointed. As a consequence, I turned into the best patron of Mc Donalds and Pizza Hut. This food was a relief to my tongue, but too much of it proved to be a trouble to my colon and my wallet as well. Then, I tried myriads of other options, and as a result of these experiments, my tummy and my tongue are in total tranquil. Here’s all that I learned so far…

  1. Maggi is your ultimate best friend as an outstationer, whether or not you are foodie. We all love its taste, it doesn’t take long to cook and absolutely zero cooking skills are required to prepare it. So, always have it stocked. (but first find someone who is selling it in ‘Black’)
  2. You must learn the very basics of cooking, so that when you’re bored with Maggi, you can do some good to your tummy.
  3. Besides eating, managing it financially is equally important. Always try to take away food, rather than getting it delivered. This could save you extra taxes.
  4. Never miss a friend’s party/langar. What could be better than food for free?
  5. Explore the cheap and yummy eateries in the city. Especially, for the street food. Do it as soon as you can. These are nothing less than priceless treasures hidden here and there.
  6. Never be careless towards your health by eating all junk and no healthy stuff.
  7. Avail the coupons for discounts.
  8. Bring whatever you can from home, whenever you visit your place. This would keep you connected to your very own flavours and mom’s love, of course!


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