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Written by Saurabh Sinha
Should anyone posses the power to control the life and death of others? Can we even contemplate the responsibilities that will surface once such power comes to someone’s possession? Often we say blatantly, “Had I been in control, I would have made a difference.” But do we really get the profuse meaning of what we say?
Power to exterminate others, to control the life of others, is a power that if possible should not be wielded by anyone. Unfortunately, world is replete with such personalities that has such power. Our society is governed by norms and notions which have not evolved though the society itself has evolved in many layers. We confine ourselves in walls of myriad restrictions intrigued by those who redeem their freedom by persecuting the thoughts and desires of others.
These are the persons who sponger on our lack of commitment to change. A cliched thought often runs our mind, “Why do all this happen to me?” Do we really don’t know the answer? I do!
We’re responsible, and stating that or rather admitting that is not going to ever make a difference. ‘Actions speak louder than words’, this wise phrase has been spoken through ages but those who got to the subtle meaning of it got free from the bounds of pervasive social chains. Though these free-souls initially lived on a tight rope but eventually made a flight to achieve their dreams and desires.
It is an individual call to look to one’s own laurels. If we’re not spiritually sound than we’re morally disabled; if we’re morally disabled than we will be left covetous to those dreams which, after living a long meaningless life, we’ll lament not achieving. Rapes, corruption, child abuse, poverty, domestic violence, riots, discrimination are not loopholes in law, these are the diseases born from our own infectious thoughts. Time is powerful and it is the call of time to ‘stir the hornet’s net’. The conundrum can be solved if we count ourselves as the part of system rather than being a scapegoat to the system. No need of surreptitious actions, time is for inconspicuous actions so that everyone can witness it and can ave farewell to their fear.



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