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There are certain guidelines which you must adhere to for getting your work published in DU-KHABAR.

You can attain supreme in this field only when you follow a certain code of conduct and try to prove your potential with whatever resources you’re provided with.

Just jot down the following points-

1. Please send your write up on

2. Rename your files as follows

File Name: Article Heading
Subject of Mail: Article Heading – Name of the writer

Contents of the Word File:

1) Title of the write-up alongwith genre as per website listing

2) The write-up must be descriptive.It should have a minimum of 250 words.

3) Author/Writer  Bio (Your Short Description in about 100 words)

4) Your social media profile links or blogging address.(Only if you wish to get recognized on that level)

5) You are free to pen down your thoughts but in a decent manner i.e something which is not offending to any of our viewer.

6) Please make sure that whatever you submit to DU-KHABAR must be original and not plagiarised.In case it was published previously on your blog you can submit the same write-up only after getting it unpublished from that source to earn your due-recognition.


Please go through your article before submitting. Our editors will work with full dedication to go through articles on a daily basis.

Try to be pateint and provide us with a period of atleast 5 days to read and do necessary editings.

Please visit DU-KHABAR official website regularly to see if it is published.

You’ll be getting timely updates about new posts and published articles on our official Facebook page.

The job of  editor is to modify the spellings/structuring sentences/edit controversial inclusions to maintain greater connect with our audience.

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