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Admission Delhi University 2014
Written by Kanika Sachdeva

Amidst the ‘FYUP Controversy’, admission process for the new batch has already started. The students are busy filling up the common pre-admission forms online and offline. But history repeats itself year after year in DU and this year also students are facing problems in online registration of the form. In the early days of admission, the DU site crashed forcing the students to choose the last option of joining in the large queues.

The temperature is at its peak and so is the determination of students to take up admission in one of the top ranked universities of the world. It is very difficult to stand in long queues in this weather to fill up the pre-admission form. Apart from these problems, students are also not clear as to how to fill the form to avoid any difficulties ahead in the admission process. One of the common problems faced by students is to choose the right options for the category of courses. Students often make a common mistake of not choosing a course which could prove to be feasible for them in the future. In such a case, students are advised to fill up all the courses which they are likely to pursue because there is no such restriction on the maximum number of courses which can be marked. The next step of the ladder is to fulfill the requirements in colleges for admission, for which the criteria is set as per the cutoffs. This year the cutoffs are expected to rise which can negatively impact many aspirants. But there is a solution to this problem too. The students should keep a close check on the various quotas in DU. Many students have already started registering themselves for ECA (Extra-Curricular Activities) and sports quota. The trials have also started in many colleges. Also, this year some colleges will offer relaxation in percentage to girls. Students often miss this opportunity and regret later.

Apart from the pre-admission form confusion, students who want to pursue B.Tech in DU are also in a dilemma because of the discussions over FYUP. FYUP is a bane for all the others but for students who are doing B.Tech or want to do it, FYUP is a boon for them. If FYUP remains, these students will benefit from it because of the course structure of B.Tech which requires 4 years of study. But if FYUP is rolled back, these students will have to look for alternatives.

The race for admissions has kicked off. Standing in long queues is a small hurdle and there are many more for students to witness.

All the Best for Admissions 2014!


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