Strength & Weakness

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Written by Prateek Goyal

What makes you strong has the potential to make you weak! Sounds insane? Well it is’n’t. Any talent you have, which you presume to be you strength, has the potential in it to become your weakness. Let’s think about it.

 You are competitive! This is a great attribute. People who are more competitive give their 100% to win any competition they take part in. You have the drive to win and you want to succeed no matter what the cost. However, should you lose, you go into an abyss from where it is hard to rise up. You are not a sore loser, you are gracious is defeat but inside you are raging! The disappointment of a loss is more than you can handle.

 You have a dogged perseverance! You don’t let go until you have achieved your goal. But when you are indulging in getting to your goal, you let go of other responsibilities. You forget that you have obligations, you have duties. Everything is forgotten! Why? Because you persevere. You are intellectual! You have a fact for every situation, a explanation for every occurrence. But your friends label you a know-it-all, You approach everything with a logical POV but people label you dispassionate.

 So you see? Every strength an individual possesses has the potential in it to become a weakness. But what it comes down to, is the fact that how do we utilize these talents? How do we make sure that everything our strength is, has a positive effect on our lives? It all comes down to one line. You are the one. You are responsible for everything that is happening around you. Sure, there may be outliers but ultimately the single factor in control of your surroundings, is you! 


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