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STING…… It’s Just a Call Away

Aam aadmi helpline number sting operation
Written by Akansha Singh

Being ranked 94th in the list of least corrupt nations out of 177 nations is a clear enough evidence of how corrupt India is. India has slipped 22 ranks down since 2007 on account of cases like the 2G scam and the CWG scam, making for a shameful scenario. From education to business, corruption has crept in everywhere like a gluttonous monster, eating it all away from within, day by day. People who are the worst victims of corruption belong to the poor classes. They are stuck in the middle of nowhere because they lack both power and money. Despite filing cases against the culprits, most of the time it is the people who lose because the culprit happens to be some powerful officer or business tycoon. By the time these culprits realize that they are guilty, it is too late because the damage has already been done. Most of the time even complaints are not filed against them in the police stations. But enough of anguish and misery! It is high time that we combat ‘The Corrupt’. To help us in doing so, the Delhi State Government has launched an anti-corruption helpline number. The AAP leader, Arvind Kejriwal, has fulfilled what he had promised before his debut elections.

 1031 is the number which you need to ring on the moment you find someone carrying out unethical practices so as to conduct a sting operation on that person. To everyone’s surprise, the hotline got a really overwhelming response.

It got nearly over 3900 calls on day one. The complaints ranged from a girl’s futile love relationship problems to water supply and electricity problems. The hotline has a functionary period which is till 10:00 p.m., beginning from eight in the morning. Most of the callers mistook this hotline to be a complaint hotline. This number has strictly been launched to curb corruption by helping out the callers in carrying out a sting operation. The State Vigilance Department has an authorized team, the work of which is to carry out a sting operation on corrupt people by letting the callers know some rudimentary steps for the same.

The first case successfully taken care of was that of Mr. Nagar. A constable had demanded a sum of Rs. 5000 from Mr. Nagar. Following this he called on the hotline and gave in his identification details. One of the ACB officers called him back and got his identity confirmed; after which Mr. Nagar was told how the sting operation was to be carried out. Mr. Nagar was assisted by an inspector who gave him the amount, coated with a powder dye, to be given to that constable. This is how the constable was caught red-handed. This is the entire process as to how the hotline works.

“The helpline number makes every citizen of Delhi an anti-corruption inspector. State Vigilance Department has a team which will look into the matter” says the Chief Minister of Delhi. Another point worth noting is that this number was not accessible to the media. “We do not want the call centre to be accessible to any corrupt ministers in case they want to infiltrate”, was the answer to the question of media not gaining access to the hotline.

The anti-corruption hotline is not a new buzz in India. Metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Chennai have already had such numbers since as early as 2006. Other big cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore also avail of this facility. People, however, have been not very responsive to the hotline in these cities and this is what has led to a major difference.

If this is the way the Delhi Government is going to work, then that day is not far off when Delhi would no longer be called ‘The Dangerous City’. It is the duty of all of us to keep our eyes wide open and observe the things going on around us because “my nation will only progress when I would want it to”.


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Akansha Singh

Akansha Singh is a student of Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi, pursuing majors in English and is an aspiring journalist. She likes to read books and watch movies. Writing poems is her passion. An extrovert by temperament, she loves to speak through her pen.

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